Full Version: christmas cards, must have consent
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don't even think about sending a flirtatious card , you need permission or you GO TO JAIL !
What did it SAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?

If he literally just said he was hoping for some company...

I mean no doubt the chick already knows he's a freakin' weirdo.

I think it's enough just to ignore him or give him squirrelly looks for the rest of time.

That or confront him.

That's probably what I'd do...
"Did you put this in my mail?!"

"No, ACTUALLY, I DON'T want to 'keep you company' on CHRISTMAS!!!"

*storms away*
I thought about throwing the card at him before storming away, but in England that might be considered assault, and it's best kept for evidence anyway...

wtf is wrong with our ancestor's land? did everyone with a lick of sense GTFO centuries ago?

they got muslim child rape gangs literally in bed with politicians with angry fathers getting arrested for talking about it and some drunk guys gets 2 months jail for writing a note?

after the military tribunals in january, we need to annex canada and the UK.

8======D~ ~ ~ oops, now i'm going to jail.
(12-29-2018, 12:48 PM)genba Wrote: [ -> ]did everyone with a lick of sense GTFO centuries ago?

That's exactly what happened!


Must have consent, huh?

Okay, how about this?

"Mrs. Robinson, do I have your permission to send you a card telling you how I want to bend you over the bannister and shag the living dog snot out of you?" Banana