Full Version: Annie Stacie: YouTube’s Southern Sweetheart
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God I just love this chick...

Something about her.

She’s right you know.
Butthurt MGTOW tards everywhere are triggered by my newest video...

They hate being told women want them, because you know, bitches come in both genders.
The Long Run spent a solid year under my pillow circa 2003...

Fave Eagles album.


So you remind a bit of sissy in badlands. Not much phases you and you love to contemplate stuff
Dude you need to decide what you are gonna be in life. Daphne or Velma?


Duh, you are this chick...

I like to carwash with the foam brush and the pressure hose.

You think I'm fucking joking?
(05-01-2019, 05:11 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]So you remind a bit of sissy in badlands. Not much phases you and you love to contemplate stuff

I really like that.
Sissy's creepy as shit though.
Am I really about to watch this fucking movie right now??


I just want to drive until I die.
Fuck everything else in life.
It's just so great...

And think about it, it's a relatively new thing in the scope of humanity...

Although I do believe history repeats itself and we've been fully spacefaring before and shit just goes down and we end up cavemen again.

But just like I say about the internet, we've "never had this before" in the history of mankind, and I'm gonna fucking take full advantage of that global communication because we may not always have it even in my own lifetime.

And it's the same with driving... this is something new and exciting we get to do on this planet. I'm not sorry for wanting to spend my life doing it. You gotta spend your life doing something.
I just love watching a pretty lady with markers just doodling , super major turn on for me . If you have the really strong scented markers its like a double aphrodisiac and we could sit in that tent and become dream lovers. Plus i love watching those dainty hands. After you make magic with those markers i could undress you and paint your body . your cat is really neat too

I've been painting a plastic step stool for like 2 hours...


I'm just painting it gold.
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