Full Version: Are popular YouTubers paying people to make videos about them?
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Because it sure seems like it, and it's pretty fucking annoying... so many videos lately about Freelee and Trisha Paytas and Tana Mongo. All kinds of smaller YouTubers making videos about these popular YouTubers. ESPECIALLY Trisha Paytas... talking about her "drama" when IMO her drama hasn't even been that dramatic lately. Is she paying people to make these videos? Weird shit. It really seemed like the Freelee and Tana fiasco was just a staged drama... so many people were making response videos about it. I really don't think underhanded tactics are the way to progress YouTube as a community and content sharing platform... it actually does the opposite and drives people away. Who could possibly care about some small YouTuber's totally uninformed opinion about any of these popular YouTubers? They don't know ANYTHING that any other viewer can't deduce. It's not like they have any inside info. Unless they have something totally unique backed up by experience to bring to the table... then the whole thing is not only obnoxious attention seeking, but it's also suspicious as hell.