Full Version: Teens and young adults sharing photos of their drug use on social media...
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You're fucking idiots.

End of story.

I see these dumbfucks posting pics of their drug paraphernalia, their "fancy" colorful bongs and their stupid joints...

What are you fucking thinking??

In the last two days on InstagramĀ I've seen young adults (totally unrelated to each other) incriminating themselves AND THEIR FRIENDS by sharing photos of them passing joints to each other.

WHAT THE HELL is the purpose of that?

Are you proud? Are you bragging? Do you think it's "self-expression"? Do you think it's you being "FREE"?

You're deceived and it CAN be used against you someday.

I don't care if you have a "card" and it's "legal" in your state or whatever you think the excuse is...