Full Version: I love Alex Jones so much I literally want to cry...
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OMG, look how beautiful and amazing Alex is.

Listen to how funny and interesting he is. He's got such a great sense of humor.

8:17 look, he's even got printed out news articles in his car...

God. I love Alex so much, how could he be any more perfect?

How could he be any more relentlessly, selflessly dedicated to truth and information?

He's so amazing, oh my God, I'm so fiercely yet so tenderly and passionately in love with Alex Jones.

Oh Alex...

My precious, my beautiful, my wonderful...

My sweet, my everything.

I love you Alex, forever and ever.

So much.

So perfect...

He's so perfect.

Alex Jones is everything.
I love you Alex, I love you.
Oh my God, Alex.

I'm so grateful for every day I get to live and express my undying love for you, again...

And again and again, oh Alex...

Alex is so real...

So real, OMG.
I want to devote my life, heart, body, mind and soul to Alex Jones...

The sheer pure and total love and admiration I feel for Alex is the love of legends and lore.

Oh Alex, my faithfulness and loyalty to you will be unwavering, unfaltering, forever and eternal.

Precious, sweet, wonderful, beautiful Alex, take me, take me now!!!
lol yeah he´s ok Wink

Look how beautiful Alex Jones is...

Look how big and meaty he is, look how strong and powerful.

Oh I feel so good, so protected and safe just looking at his burly manliness.

God Alex...

You're so perfect, so perfect and amazing.
(03-04-2018, 06:57 PM)Crille Wrote: [ -> ]lol yeah he´s ok Wink

Did you find my channel through an Alex Jones vid?
Alex is so giving, so amazing...

Such a natural and innate brilliance...

Such a heart of gold, OMG, so generous and selfless.

I love Alex, so much...

Such passion and devotion I feel for Alex in the core of my being, my very heart and soul.

Oh Alex... mine, all mine.
(03-04-2018, 07:00 PM)MO Wrote: [ -> ]Did you find my channel through an Alex Jones vid?

I don´t remember, but it´s very likely I read one of your comments on some vid of his.
A lot of people have found my channel through comments I've left on AJ's videos and from my chatting in the livestream chatboxes...

I truly wish to have at least 5 children by Alex Jones.

He needs to contact me immediately so we can get this started.
He better not lmao Big Grin


I'm Alex's designated surrogate inseminator. Hit me up. Pimp

I give myself permission to ADMIT that I deserve to mate with only the best!

And Alex is the best, the very best, my most desired mate.
I'll do ANYTHING for Alex!

I'll get his coffee for him, I'll fetch his ties!

(Does he wear ties?)

I'll deliver his dry-cleaning to him...

I'm not TAKING it to the dry-cleaners.

But I'll deliver it to him personally once somebody else brings it to me!

I'll fetch his printed out news articles!

I'll birth and raise his babychildren!

Anything, I'll do anything!
Yeah you deserve the best, in all aspects of life.
Thank you Crille!

Pray that Alex sees the light, that he will see that I am a worthy vessel for his progeny!!!


WE WON'T BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WANT Alex Jones more than anything in the WORLD!!!

And I ALWAYS get what I want!!!

You wait and see!!!

10 years from now I will be a proud mother to at least 3 of Alex's children.

Dedicated 24/7/365 day and night to raising and nurturing Alex's precious babychildren!!!



I think you need to be locked up MO , i don't understand your lust for alex jones ...its absurd and frightening

and i think the public might be in danger because your animal juices are flowing

So yeah involuntary confinement for MO , i think its called sectioned , yeah you need to be sectioned
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