Full Version: Apparently now people on social media are addicted to sending naked pics to everyone
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Supposedly people are sending their naked photos to people that run accounts for the memorial of dead super famous people and other bogus profiles that aren’t even representing “real” people.

It’s totally out of hand and a lot of people are starting to complain about it...

Totally out of hand! I received an email with a pic of a micro penis.i was has to stop! Dead Nana
Dude back in the MySpace days, this dude (TOTAL stranger) sent me a pic of his penis with my name written along the length of it, in Sharpie.

Most legendary nude pic I’ve ever received.
I’ve received a lot of dick pics where it’s like...

No there’s nothing technically “WRONG” with the dick...

But maybe it would have been better just to keep it a mystery because it started freaking me out.

I mean, dick on its own doesn’t really say much.
I bet full on vagina nudes are the least popular.
It’s like...

Butt and titties for first place in popularity.

But you know dick pics outnumber them all.
There should be a punk band called “Pics of Dicks”...

With songs like “Shafted”, “Ring My Balls”, “General Custard”, “Bottoms Up” and “One Eye Blind”.


ROFL @ "One Eye Blind"
Nice work, Phoenix.

Many will start to follow suit...

The shitty part is that the big tech social media companies got all the data they needed/wanted from people.

They'll just try to pop back up under another construct...

But this time it'll be harder for them.
It's all a study...

It's a huge game to them.

Weird shit man, strange days indeed.


Speaking of 'members', how does one become an 'upgraded member' here? I notice a few people have that title and was curious.

Wow, my captcha spells "dicks" in reverse. Actually, the "s" is a 5. It's 5KciD. Okay, it's not that amazing.
The original (founding) members of Sectual have been gifted free lifetime upgrades...

This took place more than a year ago.

All new members must have an active subscription in order to receive the upgrade...

More features will probably be added to the list in the future.
That's a really nice perk for your original members...
But I think you should strip the privilege from Phoenix and give it to me instead! :)  Banana
I've had people do that to me too; write my name on their no-pants body.
I don't even want details of how this transpired or how you know this person.

But I used to write dudes' online monikers on my thighs and then take pics of my butt.
She's my Maid.
Excuse me, "cleaning person".
MO you should charge for that ^^^^

Put them on your Sectual store

Those days are done for me.

I was going to pursue some shit like that, but it never panned out.

The selling of the used underwear, a dream dashed against the rocks which I've discussed at length.

The fetish modeling...

I just simply never got around to any of it for one reason or another, and now I'm just not feeling it anymore.
I like the current path you're on better anyway
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