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predator stalks kate b. - Lucas - 01-09-2019

omg if kate goes for this creep i will never have another sex fantasy about herĀ

RE: predator stalks kate b. - Mister Obvious - 01-09-2019

I think that poor dude needs to dye his hair a normal color and drop out of 'the business'.

He needs to take any money he has and go buy himself a nice little house in the country.

RE: predator stalks kate b. - Kitty - 01-10-2019

Sorry to burst your bubble OP but they left the party together and you know that 45 year old hottie was banging him all night long.

Ewww...what was she thinking!

RE: predator stalks kate b. - Mister Obvious - 01-10-2019

He needs a talented older chick to really show him what loving's all about.

RE: predator stalks kate b. - somethingelseishere - 01-10-2019

I don't see him [PD] lasting out the year.
He's sick and needs help, serious help, yet is in a disgustingly toxic environment.
I hope he gets the help he needs, even if it means getting out of "the business".
But I just don't see it happening.

Fame & fortune bring vulturous enemies cloaked in the smiles of friendship.

RE: predator stalks kate b. - Mister Obvious - 01-10-2019

He's among the vultures, it's true.

I still think he's Ariana's sacrifice...

One of the many.

I think there's a lot more value to his life than that, and it's sad.

RE: predator stalks kate b. - Mister Obvious - 01-10-2019

RE: predator stalks kate b. - Guest - 05-19-2019

Tongue action

RE: predator stalks kate b. - genba - 05-19-2019

yeah, he's ugly, not funny, and has no talent, yet he gets put into positions like this. he's a proxy. he's been raped since he was 2, he's MK`d in a way to seem compatible to female MK victims, and he pushes their buttons, so to speak. in public it'll seem like they're together, but behind closed doors their gazes go blank as the real players enter to have their way with them. he'll get some credits on some things, be sacrificed, and the handlers will collect the royalties and dark energies. then it's on to the next one[s].

the above is the hollywood/music industry fame cycle in a nutshell.