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you really want green energy ? - Rosie Oporky - 08-17-2019

Once TRUMP is defeated  we the people can have our utopia  free of oil  

but we need to really think about the nasty wind turbines and how they butcher eagles and flocks of seagulls 

also the solar panels are made from poly silicon which is made by burning  HUGE amounts of coal to purify it

and nuclear is just SCARY , omg 

So why not find a better solution , one that kill 2 birdie with 1 stone 

americans are VERY big and fat and need to ride exercise bikes 

AOC loves to exercise and so should you , therefore all americans will be required to have an exercise bike  that has a generator and is wired into the electricity grid .  All of you tubsters will be riding the bike 2 hours EVERYDAY spinning those turbines whether you like it or not  . That will generate enough electricity to power our homes and teslas which we all must have also .

RE: you really want green energy ? - Mister Obvious - 08-17-2019


RE: you really want green energy ? - genba - 08-17-2019

green energy = everyone grows cannabis, refines it to bioethanol, used in clean engines.

you will never EVER see one of these leftist shitfucking satanists talk about growing a plant that can be used for energy.

RE: you really want green energy ? - Kitty Von Catsworth - 10-04-2019

these fuckers are so brainwashed they allowed this chick to go on for a full minute before they realized she was advocating murder

RE: you really want green energy ? - Guest - 10-05-2019

Or... we could make the fat people eat the babies so we wouldn't waste so much energy manufacturing shitty faux foods.