Disgusting SNL
[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]Jokes falling completely flat in the cold open. And Biden is so rich for development. The jokes practically should write themselves. Only SNL could possibly do a Biden routine and it fail to be funny. The writing is atrocious. And why did they have to bring Trump into it? What does Trump’s comment to Billy Bush have to do with Biden being a pervert? Nothing. But in their Trump Derangement Syndrome, they couldn’t resist bringing up Trump and thereby downplaying Biden’s sins by implying, “Trump sexually assaults women, Biden just smells them.” Rather than chiding Biden for his perversion, it looks more like damage control. SNL is basically saying he just smells people and is unaware of boundaries. But I’ve seen those pictures and Biden looks to be practically on the edge of orgasm as he fondles his child and female victims. SNL should not even be allowed to go on air. Our forefathers did not die in war so seditious Bolshevik Lorne Michaels could rot the soul of this nation with his filth. If Germany had had laws to shut down Hitler before he enacted his demonic program, they would have called it “anti-democratic” and repressive. Call it what you will. We do not have unlimited freedom in this nation. SNL should be repressed and banned from the airwaves and the seditious conspirators who write for that program should be interred in a military prison for enemies of the nation and enemy combatants. Make more mistake, SNL is as dangerous as any terrorist cell for ISIS or Al Qaeda and produce some of the most excellent propaganda for the aid and comfort of the enemy. Just like the demon Walter Cronkite went on air every night and demonized our troops in Vietnam and by his insane rambling virtually singlehandedly caused us to lose that war. Thus, we need to adopt repressive measures to rein in the likes of Don Lemonade and Lorne Michaels, up to and including prison time for speaking against President Donald Trump.[/font][/font]

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