Women whose boyfriends/husbands leave them for another man...
Sad Nana 
It's really sad.

Now I'm sure this isn't true in every case...

I'm sure there are women out there who are just so damn bad for one reason or another that they really did turn their boyfriend/husband gay...

But in almost all cases, the guy was always gay. It's not the woman's fault.

He just wasn't brave enough to come out of the closet, and he had to get involved in something he never truly wanted to be involved with in the first place...

And he broke hearts in the process of finally getting the balls to just come out of the closet and be fucking gay.

Women shouldn't blame themselves, and I'm sure a lot of them would never admit any such feelings...

But it DOES traumatize them and give them complexes. It's just not right and men need to stop doing this.

Women shouldn't do it either... 

But let's face it, it rarely happens with women...

Women rarely ever marry a man if they're a lesbian and then end up leaving him for another woman.

It does happen but LOL, basically never.

Lesbian women who don't wanna admit they're lesbians usually just turn into old maids or whatever.

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Women whose boyfriends/husbands leave them for another man... - by Mister Obvious - 01-11-2020, 01:44 PM

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