Sometimes when I realize all our greatest dreams came true and Donald is President...
Nodding Yes 
I get tingles and a good kind of butterflies, my palms get sweaty and I get the urge to giggle and I bite my lip and breathe in the victory.


We created this reality... sheer will. We made this happen...

We are the power. We wanted Donald for President, and we got it. 

It represents the power of our will.

I love Donald, I think he's beautiful and sexy as fuck for a 70 year old man...

I think he'll be the greatest President in US history.

But more than any of that, the fact that he is the President is more undeniable proof that we do create our reality from our most powerful and true desires/passions.
I love President Trump so much, I think he's so sexy. I still want to have his babychildren.

I wouldn't want to be a homewrecker and get involved with him while he's President, but...

Maybe after his 8 years in office, he'll dump Melania for me!

#3 Shua labuttplug got his stupid ass flag stolen. You really need to read the story in how it was done to truley get a laugh though.
Nb THANK YOU for posting this vid... ROFL. I was wondering where the footage was of the flag actually being replaced.

So damn fucking hilarious. Those people are GENIUSES.

I've been arguing with some idiot on this video:

I commented about Shia being PAID to do this stupid shit and it's likely that he doesn't even care about the issue. Somebody actually replied essentially saying Shia already has enough money, why would he take money to put on this show? I'm just ROFL that someone is naive enough to think that rich people are totally satisfied after they officially can be declared rich, and somehow they magically just stop wanting money. ROFL. Such naivety. He's AN ACTOR and is taking money from the same people who PAY HIM FOR ACTING to ACT LIKE HE FUCKING CARES about something I prettymuch guarantee you he DOESN'T ACTUALLY GIVE A FUCK ABOUT.

Rant off.
I cannot believe the stupidity of people. I argue with morons on youtube on occation and when i totally shut them down with facts they call me a troll and i laugh and shut them down again and again with facts. But this story had me thinking of you because it was so freaking funny. I wish i could have seen shias stupid face when he found his flag had been confiscated. This was the best news ive heard in a while.
The funniest part was the pic somebody took of the flag afterward... ROFLROFLROFL.
This is fucked up:

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