Dude these cosplayers are hot as fuck...
Dancing Banana 

3:28 dude, these people GET INTO this shit!!!

Like damn, I think I have the wrong past time...

Wait, can you cosplay as yourself?!?!?!?
No there not hot. MO. I think woman really need to tone down showing off there bodies alot. Like you know how badly society is plagued by woman showing off there bodies all the god damn time. quite frankly its a little immature. even your youtube videos too madam MO. no fukn joke
Thanks for those, MO!

The chicks were really cute in their sexy outfits.
The dudes were all just straight-up creepers. Creepy, cringy and gross!

Girls can get away with a LOT more than guys can in this type of scenario.
I'm hetero and male, so that's pretty much the only way I'm able to see it.
Yeah I can't disagree with you...

Although I spotted some who were pretty sexy.

I think it'd be cool if you were like a BF/GF couple who cosplayed together.

That might be kinda cute.

A lot of these people like the acting part of it and I think they do it to show off their acting.
You know a good half of those chicks are crazy AS FUCKKK though.


They're the type to stay young in spirit though, that is what I believe.

So I think it's a very interesting thing.

It's a good example to show that maintaining a sense of wonder and imagination is beneficial.
Gotta love the crazy chicks! ; )

And I commend them all for doing something they enjoy. They're not hurting anyone.
Would you bang one of these freaky DragonCon cosplay chicks!?

Slide it and look at the video OMG.
Are you kidding me . It looks like the cast of some off broadway production trying to put on a show for satan . Sorry lady you keep your witchkraft sex

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