yellow vests, prepare for more action
(12-09-2018, 01:35 PM)Guest Wrote: A yellow vest got his hand blown off when he picked up a grenade. Why are the cops lobbing live explosives into a crowd of civilians?


I’m not watching that video, so correct me if I’m wrong but... I wouldn’t assume it was the cops. Grenades are a favorite of the “migrant” invaders, they use them all the time in Sweden.
I doubt it was a military grenade, as the guy would've been blown to smithereens instead of running around screaming with his hand blown off. It came from the same direction as the cops launching tear gas grenades. Are they supposed to explode after they launch them?

This random old article said the tear gas grenade exploded in his hand and resulted in cuts but it doesn’t sound that bad.

Like I said, I don’t personally watch graphic content so I don’t know how bad the guy was injured.

But if people start getting seriously hurt, that’s just going to piss the yellow vests off even more.
This guy's hand looked pretty badly mangled.

It's certainly not going to calm the yellow vests down any. They already killed one old woman who wasn't even protesting. She was closing her window when they shot a gas grenade through it.
Not good.
"125,000 French Take To Streets As Trump Trolls Macron; Protester's Hand Blown Off In Graphic Video"
We know what all this is really about.
It would be nice to see people finally standing up...

If it wasn't for the fact that the forced 'immigration' was perpetrated on these European countries in order to eventually cause just this kind of chaos.

There's something happening.
(12-09-2018, 06:56 PM)Trix Wrote: There's something happening.

The people voted for Brexit, and they're gonna have Brexit, bitches.
You know that emote is in the DB right?

Fuck Yeah
I know it now!

Fuck Yeah
'The destabilizers' wanted this uprising to happen, and because of that, it can't even be looked at as a good thing.
France, Belgium, Netherlands, Britain...

... and now Canada.

Ah God...


I think it started out as a genuine movement in France, but now it appears it's been hijacked.
People who live in cities will never be able to get away from this shit.
French police escalating violence against yellow vests.

Macron claiming Russian collusion is behind the protests.

Swedish and German protesters joining the movement.

Mainstream media lying about the whole thing.

well maybe the sexy ladies will start protesting with only a yellow vest , thats how i hope this evolves
(12-10-2018, 05:27 PM)Guest Wrote: well maybe the sexy ladies will start protesting with only a yellow vest  , thats how i hope this evolves

I'm afraid no-titty-having hags in pink pussy hats is as good as it gets with these stingy broads nowadays. Sad Nana

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