yellow vests, prepare for more action
You don't have to wear a yellow vest to get in on this action. In just a few months, Spain's nationalist VOX party has gone from a tiny marginal party to a major political force. Other populist parties in Spain are gaining ground as well.

Portuguese yellow vests protest corruption, demand minimum wage and pension increases.

Marine Le Pen owns the fuck out of Macron.

Macron is a prisoner of his globalist ideology.

I literally hate these fucking globalist fuckboys. Macron. Trudeau. May. Clinton they all deserve to be drawn and quartered for treason
Kenny, have you gotten yourself a fabulous new haircut to go along with that debonair yellow vest?
No MO , my hair gets done maybe on friday . My vest i already have plus my pitchfork.
macron instructing random  teen on how the boy must address his majesty 

, i wonder if his wife/mother berates him like that at the palace

best comment .. "Only those who don't earn respect demand it."
@ 1:30:35 

fingering the rich who taunt them as they march through the streets 

how long before they drag some of the upper class out of their million dollar apartments and strip , rape and guillotine them like in 1792   

the elite seem not to grasp the levels of anger against rampant immigration , catering to the 1% and excessive energy costs due to 'green' bullshit


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