Steamboat Geyser's "Unprecedented Rates" Of Eruption Sparking Fears Of Supervolcano
Quote:Scientists are using this uptick in activity as a learning opportunity.

"Leaked White Paper: Defending Human Civilization From Supervolcanic Eruptions"
Maybe the earth interior is heating up and co2 or the sun are just minor warming agents
Since Trix likes older men, she'll love some steamboat geezers erupting inside her.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!

After spending a considerable amount of time banging Trix, the old geezers gave her the nickname "Old Fartful".
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
You've got an overactive imagination there, Dickie.

It's why we love you.
was reading about krakatoa 1883 eruption   

 , pretty incredible power ...loudest noise ever heard and pressure wave,  even blew out eardrums of sailors on ships 30 miles away

this here hunk of coral was quite possibly the one that flew miles over the sea and crashed into the 4th lighthouse on JAVA

The great granite lighthouse at what was called Java's Fourth Point, a little way to the south of Anger...survived the first onslaught...but when the wave that hit Telok Betong at 11:03 [on August 27, 1883] struck Anger - about fifteen minutes earlier, since Anjer is closer to the volcano - it picked up an immense piece of coral rock, weighing perhaps six hundred tons, and dashed it against the column.
Despite its iron cage of reinforcing ribs, the light crashed down, extinguishing one of the most important navigation beacons of the entire Sunda Strait. And although his wife and child were drowned, the keeper himself survived.
With the phlegmatic way of both the well-trained lighthouse keeper and the fatalistic acceptance of a true Javanese, he returned to his duties as soon as was physically able, and had a temporary light erected, and lit, within a matter of hours. (Simon Winchester, Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded, page 256.)

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