YouTube Continues Fucking People: Honestly, just delete your YouTube account...
(12-11-2018, 05:47 PM)Guest Wrote: Right? I was reading the comments on a video yesterday where they told the OP to not upgrade her camera and equipment because the camera she was using gave her videos a 2009 vibe.

This is the secret of what's coming...

I've known it for months but haven't said anything.

I was waiting for it to crest the wave of consciousness...

Thank you...


Cheers to this new era.

Most exciting thing to happen in the past decade if you want my opinion.

Fuck YouTube.

Lefties destroy fucking everything they touch.

Everything they're let into INEVITABLY fucking fails.

Hand the helm over to SJWs and watch the ship fucking sink.
8:13 he says the final video that was flagged was a PRIVATE VIDEO that no one ever even saw... it's proof that someone INSIDE YouTube is fucking with him and doing whatever they have to in order to get him removed.

I don't think it's bots at all.

He's saying it was all the Elliot Rodger's videos that got him shut down...

He's blaming it on bots, but come on.

If it was bots, then all the videos of Elliot Rodger across the platform would be flagged and removed.

I have Elliot Rodger videos on my channel...


They're not flagged YET.

And I don't care if they ever are.

I have been so tempted to just delete my damn YouTube channel today over this bullshit.

I fucking despise these internet ghettos... they mean literally nothing to me.

And it's sad to see somebody as talented and smart as Mumkey so upset over all this.

He better learn from it and he better get his own damn website.

And I KNOW there are people out there saying getting your own site isn't even a solution because they'll just Alex Jones style deplatform you from there too, but...

No. Sorry. Not true.

I'm not saying it isn't possible, I'm not saying it's not a possible eventuality...

I'm saying it's not the case at this time, and people leaving these fucking internet ghettos and using exclusively their own platforms is going to send a pretty big fucking message, not to mention line the pockets of webhosts.

It'll be a webhosting boom is what it'll be.

It's about to be.
(12-11-2018, 07:24 PM)Trix Wrote: I have been so tempted to just delete my damn YouTube channel today over this bullshit.

And I really should...


It's only a matter of time before YouTube does it for me, and gets rid of everybody else who is even remotely sensational (AKA entertaining) too.

Again, I'm just SO GLAD I never fucking took YouTube seriously or tried to actually make money from it. I'm so glad.

And I want everyone who did to LEARN FROM THIS and start BUILDING YOUR OWN.
8:50 he says nothing was saved from his second channel because he "can't save 500 podcasts"...

Bullshit. Why weren't they stored locally? Why weren't they stored on your fucking harddrive as MP3s??

It's not rocket science.

Holy shit...

Have people REALLY become THIS reliant on platforms they don't even own to store their life's work???


I halfway wanna believe Mumkey is acting here...

LMAO because it's just so horribad.

It's like wow...

Fucking really man??



And to top it all off he's telling people to "keep supporting him on Patreon"...

It's like BRO? Haven't you HEARD??




You're fucking next!!!

MAKE. YOUR OWN. FUCKING. WEBSITE. What the fuck are you waiting for??
(12-11-2018, 07:24 PM)Trix Wrote: 8:13 he says the final video that was flagged was a PRIVATE VIDEO that no one ever even saw... it's proof that someone INSIDE YouTube is fucking with and doing whatever they have to in order to get him removed.

We already knew SJW moderators inside the big tech companies were censoring and banning people based on their personal bias though. This surprises nobody at this point.

It's just crazy to me that Mumkey is basically shutting out that idea at this point.

I mean I see what he is playing here...

He's trying to be nice, he's trying to be civil, he's trying to play a game of chess here to get his channels back.

But I'm sorry, those days are over...

The necessitation of a new era is upon us.

You're either gonna pioneer or you're not...

And I just hate to think that brilliant minds like Mumkey are not going to pioneer.
I mean TBH, all YouTube is good for at this point for me is watching hot dudes who stiffen my ladyboner.

And big tittied airy-fairy tarot reading bitches.

That's it.

There's basically no loss in getting kicked off the platform.
These people who are complaining about YouTube now should've been cross-posting on other platforms back when we told them to. I mean this has been going on for at least 3 years. How many red flags can you ignore? I have no sympathy for anyone who wishfully thinks the tech giants will change their evil ways.

Seems like Styx is the only one with enough common sense to take the necessary precautions. The rest of them are just lazy. They want to upload a couple of videos in the morning and fuck off at the beach the rest of the day. If you want it to be your only job and sole source of income, you have to work at it like any other job.
(12-11-2018, 04:04 PM)Trix Wrote: It's DISGUSTING that YouTube has taken these people's time and creative energy and this is the thanks creators get...

It needs to stop...


STOP putting all your eggs in one basket.

Stop NOW.
If you make videos...

I recommend you start transcribing every single one, and saving that text locally and on hard drives.

And I recommend you print them out...

Because someday, your life's work of videos may only be around in printed text format.

It's either printed out text, or wholly lost forever...

Your choice.
(12-11-2018, 08:37 PM)Trix Wrote: I recommend you start transcribing every single one, and saving that text locally and on hard drives.
A lot of these people need to write a script and rehearse it before they turn the camera on. It's annoying as fuck to watch somebody bumble through a video because they didn't know what they were gonna say beforehand.
Whatever works.

But I'm a stream of consciousness type of person...

I like being off the cuff about things.

So record the fucking video, then watch it back, and write down everything you said.

Once again, it's not fucking rocket science...

AND, if you have the task of transcribing every single video looming over your head, you may not bullshit as much.

It's a win/win.


There's also the issue of 'artful' videos, those which aren't just for speaking purposes.

Those should be written out (before or after, and I prefer after) just like a screenplay:

If you're not willing to do these things...

I'd prefer you just don't make videos.

Life's too short.
Transcribe all audio too... podcasts etc.

If you can't print it out in its full form... don't do it.

Unless you don't mind your entire life's work being potentially lost forever...


Some people like to live in the moment and live just for today...

I don't disagree with that stance for the most part, but in this case, if you're gonna choose to take that route, don't you ever fucking bitch about it when everything you stored digitally is lost and you have nothing to show for whole decades of your life.
A good reason for transcribing videos is the fact that text is easy to search for keywords. I've seen several YouTubers say, "I don't know if I've said this before" because they have no way of knowing after years of making tons of videos.
According to the comments, the creator of Minecraft just pulled all of his money out of Patreon. Cheer

Gavin McInnes unbanned from YouTube. Styx has Stockholm syndrome?

The fact that they’re deleting channels at all is a massive problem...

Channels being restored is an empty victory.

The platform is compromised and there’s no hope for it...


I don’t think it should take a rocket scientist to see that.

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