YouTube Continues Fucking People: Honestly, just delete your YouTube account...
Do they censor unlisted videos?
I meeean...

Mumkey's channel was removed in part due to a PRIVATE video that got a strike and was never even public sooo...

Looks like they can do whatever the fuck they want whether they're supposed to "be able to see" the video or not.
There's no such thing as a sysop not being able to see everything on their site.

But when people inside YouTube start striking PRIVATE VIDEOS...

They totally 100% wholly and completely DISRESPECT the user, and send a CLEARLY UNWELCOMING MESSAGE to the user which comes from a place of EMOTION... it's an actual PERSONALITY CONTEST.

Only it's between a USER, and a FACELESS, NAMELESS power hungry THREAT that doesn't belong in a position of administration on a PUBLIC SITE, WHATSOEVER.
It's something ONLY mind rotted liberal SJWs would do. End of story.
I'd be willing to bet that 99.9% of website operators who disrespect their users' privacy are libtards.

I am fucking serious.

Look at all the prime examples, look at social media shitholes like Facebook...

A den of total fucking weirdo leftists, and what do you have? Severe violations of privacy.
(01-02-2019, 01:03 AM)Trix Wrote: a FACELESS, NAMELESS power hungry THREAT that doesn't belong in a position of administration on a PUBLIC SITE, WHATSOEVER.

Otherwise known as "nazi admins" and "nazi mods."

(01-02-2019, 01:07 AM)Trix Wrote: I'd be willing to bet that 99.9% of website operators who disrespect their users' privacy are libtards.

You're probably right. Although we caught the admin of a large and well-known right-wing message board reading our PMs once. You can probably guess which one I'm talking about. The guy was a cop too. He was probably abusing police systems to dig up info on users.

But libs are by and large the nosiest fucks you've ever laid eyes on. I did political surveys over the phone earlier this year, and one of the calling areas was Washington state. After we asked for Mr. Smith or whoever and they said he doesn't live here, they demanded to know what we wanted with him, as if it was any of their business. I can just imagine life in Washington being like communist East Germany during the cold war, with Stasi informants snooping on their neighbors and ratting them out. Hell, most American libshits on the Internet are like that already.

My advice to anyone using e-mail or private messaging on websites is to encrypt everything before it leaves your computer. Don't rely on whatever encryption the service provides. Once it goes out over the wire, you have zero control over what happens.


If it's YouTube's "algorithms" then I don't see why people should excuse failure after failure of their system...

Any way it goes, it's YouTube's failure and YouTube sucks. It's simple.
(12-11-2018, 04:12 PM)Trix Wrote: I'm not here to be an example or show people how.

People are IDIOTS.

I'm gonna do what I wanna fucking do and if somebody else accidentally learns something, well good.

People are ungrateful, they're spoiled, they're totally brainwashed...

I don't have time for the fucking bullshit anymore and I'm gonna forge my own path through this retarded fucking mess these complete and total morons have ALLOWED to happen.

I'm so hard from reading what you wrote...i want to delete my youtube now...LOL...get em Trix...

Hey Trix I know this is out of left field but I would like to know what's my privacy on message boards ...can you track my IP can you see where I'm from what country what city etc? If you can be a sweetheart I'd very much appreciate it :) you could just say yes or no to my questions if you're too busy ...
The administrator of any website you visit can see your IP address. Go here to see what info the IP shows: There's not much anybody can do with an IP besides know your locale. That's about it... as far as I know or care to know. Do your own research. If you don't want site owners to know your IP address, you need to use a proxy (VPN). I can't recommend any, you'll have to research that too.
From what I can tell, the reason people are using VPNs these days is because Google, Facebook, et al work together through ads and other tracking methods to build a profile of your search and Internet use habits and then serve ads etc. based on that datamined info. It doesn't matter if you have a Google account or a Facebook account or not, they're still building a profile on you. So that's why people use VPNs.

Use of VPNs has been pretty standard practice online for several years now... at this point it's basically habit for avid internet users.

I don't know about all the tracking that is possible if someone has your IP... I'm not an expert. I just know it's good practice to keep it hidden. I do use a VPN, but I'm not saying which one.

As for this website specifically, and most privately owned websites... I'd say your IP and the tracking thereof rarely gets such a vacation these days than when you're browsing any private site. There are no ads here or anything else. Granted, most people plaster ads all over their sites to get a dime... I am the rare exception.

The second you get on YouTube or Google or any other "public" site, you've got the microscope neck deep in your ass again. Use a VPN.
Maybe my brain is not working because Im recouping but if I remember correctly a vpn is not a proxy

A proxy will shield your ip as the endsite will see the ip of the proxy while a vpn is a secure tunnel between you and another computer which would essentially act as a proxy for internet browsing purpose.

The difference is that if you were at a public WiFi you'd want the vpn as security
Tomato tuhmotto...

(01-23-2019, 04:09 PM)Trix Wrote: Tomato tuhmotto...


Sort of but not really

The secure tunnel connection can't be joined in on by a third party else the connection drops altogether so if you vpn in to your website then no one could tap the communication without installing a key logger of something of the sorts

Id imagine people using vpn for web activity also use a proxy too, between the vpn & destination site

Using a proxy hides ip from destination site via middleman

Using a vpn creates a secure connection from host to host

9:10 a gravely serious and important point...

There comes a time when continuing to use these platforms is really just immoral.

The more you know... the more responsibility you have.
I don't want my image on a platform that is facilitating that kind of fucking sickness.

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