There was this grocery store I used to go to and it smelled like pizza.
Right when you walked through the door, and all around the front of the store...

The smell of particularly pepperoni laden, cheap freezer pizza permeated the place, and it was divine.

I thought it must have just been the bakery or something the first few times.

Lo and behold, visit after visit, years apart... it became apparent that the smell was ‘built into’ the store.

But how?

And why? 

Was it some kind of experiment?
Maybe the store was a pizzeria for years and the smell got baked in, the way some old buildings used to have that tobacco smoke odor baked in.
Dr. Pepper was an attempt to capture the smell of a drug store where the inventor worked.

Teh Moar You Know.
The store was called Winn-Dixie.
I remember Winn-Dixie. Did they have those in Kentucky? I thought it was more of a Texas thang.

There used to be a Jitney Jungle grocery store right next to a TG&Y in my grandmother's small town when I was growing up. Neither one is there anymore.
They had some of them in Kentucky but I think they all got bought out.

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