Unbelievable: Faith Goldy Fined $43,000 And Denied Equal Treatment Under The Law

HearteyesJake LloydHearteyes
There need to be 80 million clones of Jake Lloyd.
Quote:Upon uploading this video, Faith's GoFundMe has been shut down.

Sad Nana

This is war.
i'm not sure why people bother with gofundme/patreon/etc at this point. we really need a decentralized one based on crypto, ideally with some sort of built in cash out function and association with sites to buy useful goods with crypto. gfm/p need to be hit hard in the wallet for doing shit like this.
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner
ALL of the "well known" establishment platforms are crumbling.

It seems like the entire "old guard" is being replaced.

We just can't see what's replacing them yet...

Dude MO..
Goldy made one video where she said they need to start spying on the disabled and mental people and im like ya.. where is my taquitos biiiiich

Im sorry but Dat Lady will target minorities. And I mean Intrusively. So I guess she got what coming to her

But she probably can like ya... i dont find her that attractive. after she say stuff like that..

Along the lines she said the government should be looking on in its own backyard in alberta.
and my bank account gets hacked and spyied on by the government.
And athough rebel media and its likes- Serve a purpose.

I dont think goldy is up to snuff. I thing she comes off too masculine
she very masculine she not femenized enough
as a Alpha Male I would find her to Alpha if you know what I mean...
She Faith Goldy Comes off very Violent and Very Masculine
I would be afraid of Her at like a Small protest or something
She PRobably Bite your Head off and Stomp on your face with High heels
She To masculine, I dont find a woman being masculine attractive

And i think this says alot about Goldy and Albertan Woman, and probably texas woman. becuase im sure there not to big of a difference from those Petro State Places. Etc.
Why wouldnt she just goto CRTC file a claim and why is a judge slapping such a heavy fine.
I honestly think when it comes to the judges decision on high matters like these. queen elizebeth is doing the judge work and stuff. she literally does this for enjoyment over tea and stuff
but im sure goldy has alot of rich friends with deep pockets tho
dont hate assimilate
bring in all the immigrants lalalalla...... white men become nothing inbalance everywhere
(12-17-2018, 09:15 PM)Guest Wrote: why is a judge slapping such a heavy fine.

It's not a fine. He's making her pay the TV network's court costs.

It's still bullshit though. It's his job to determine if the network broke the law. (They did.) Not to pass the buck.
oh yea not a fine my bad..

either way you just need to contact CRTC and they give you there run around mickey mouse bullshit and get added to the stack of rest of complaints that will get to in about a year...
there excuse will always be""Were backed up overloaded with cases" yada yada yada...

This is why they fucking hate her.

And this is why they're totally gay.
shoot me now lol
what they gunna do with all them welfare bums EH MO

She jas nice knockers

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