Mr. Reagan: YouTube's Super Sexy Straight White Christian Man
Dude so I started going back and looking at some of his older FB posts, and I found this gem:

She's literally calling him "slightly above average" with this statement.

What the heck does he think is going on when she says stuff like this?? Does he KNOW she's talking about HIM??

I mean this guy's looks are WAAAY above average, and he's sizzling hot when he talks, with his expressions, his personality and his style... those things take him even higher.

It's just crazy to me that he doesn't seem to understand that she's belittling him. And I'm sure she's not doing it just to be blatantly mean or something, she's just being honest. Those are just her genuine thoughts.

I'm not saying she's not a nice and friendly chick... I mean, for a model, she's probably as good as you're gonna get in that department, LOL!

But... there's no doubt she thinks less of him than he deserves. And really, it seems like there's some kinda disconnect in understanding on his end, because he thinks there's a bigger cultural gap between them than there actually is.

It seems like he's glamorized the concept of dating a foreign woman so much in his mind that he's a million miles away from the actual reality of it.

I know earlier I gave him until 50 to mature out of this kinda stuff, but really, I think there's a danger here that he'll never get it, because in certain ways, it would appear that he's very naive.

He's either naive, or he KNOWS what's going on here and he's just desperate to have a coveted model girlfriend at any cost... which is sad. But whatever, it's his life. But he shouldn't live it this way and then put down all the other women in the western world because he's had bad experiences dating exclusively models.

He doesn't have an accurate impression of dating because his standards assure that he'll only end up with superficially obsessed women. Guarantee he's never tried to find a quality woman from his own part of the world, I doubt he'd even know how to go about it. I doubt he'd want to, because often the quality women (the ones who take care of their man and enjoy the traditional role) aren't SUPERMODELS. ROFL!!! Geez, it's not rocket science. Again, I just feel that he's great at talking, but these kind of people can't actually be all that smart.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.


This guy is so amazing.

He's so absurdly and ridiculously sexy.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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