A glitch in the system
So my next door neighbor is buying his house from some outfit or another. His paycheck clears the bank on Saturday, and they knew he'd be bringing them his payment then.

Nevertheless, he somehow got flagged as being in arrears on his payment, and they sent over a cop and some workers to move all of his shit out onto the front lawn today. He called the office, and they admitted their system made a mistake, but they didn't move his shit back in.

LMAO that's terrible.

Sad Nana
They can never do anything that fast unless they're doing the wrong thing.
(12-20-2018, 04:18 PM)Trix Wrote: They can never do anything that fast unless they're doing the wrong thing.

Memorable quote right there. ThumbsUp
Sounds kinda sketchy ...yer neighbor is most likely not being totally honest. You go back and get more info and press him dont go easy on him

I'm not gonna go over there and call him a liar and grill him under the light. I don't even know the dude.

Moreover, I don't care about his personal business. Just wondered why all of his shit was on the lawn.

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