If you have used Tinder for "dating", don't ever approach me romantically...
If you have used Tinder for "dating", I know a few things about you...

1. You probably have at this time, or have had in the past, a handful of nasty STDs.

2. You probably think everyone is incredibly easy and therefore approach everyone from that standpoint.

3. You are probably grievously superficial and incapable of any real longstanding depth of character.

Tinder (et al) is a disgusting and demeaning approach to finding people to "connect" with.

Not to mention the plethora of physical dangers involved:

It's a fool's game... and please believe me, I do not use that term lightly. I do not use the word "fool" lightly, ever. Look back on anything I've ever said... you will almost never see that word. It is reserved for the most severe of cases.

Being promiscuous, approaching intimate physical contact with people so flippantly... it's dangerous. Physically, and energetically, it is absolutely dirty and ultimately regrettable.

It's like I said in this thread:

People are so brainwashed these days that they have no idea that there are ways other than sex to release the sexual energy that builds up. You could do something constructive with it, you could use it to create something. You don't have to turn to mindless, insipid outlets that lead you into physical and spiritual threat.

Some people are NASTY. They have bad vibes, they are dirty physically, mentally, spiritually... protect yourself for God's sake. And I PROMISE there is an unusually high concentration of people who are nasty in all these ways ON THESE DATING APPS/SITES. They LOVE that shit. It's a smorgasbord of victims. Whether that's something they consciously pursue or not... because misery loves company and often people don't even realize what they're doing. But some people DO, and they love those apps/sites full of people thirsting for validation. 

It's horrific. 

If you have used Tinder for "dating", worst of all, I know you don't care about yourself or you have severe self-esteem issues. You are either a victim, or a victimizer.

If you have used Tinder... I know to stay away from you.

Yeah we can be friends... I will be friends with basically anybody. But romance, nope. Off the table. Respect yourself. Protect yourself. Don't play in the slop for God's sake.

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