It's hard as hell to find an old school drawing program these days
I'm talking about the ones that draw straight lines, rectangles, and circles, and let you zoom in to color individual pixels.

All of the newer "drawing" programs want to be photo editors or emulate what you'd do with a canvas and paint. Brushes, layers, and effects. I ain't got time for all that. I just want to draw simple graphics. And they're disk hogs too!

I used to use Paint Shop Pro 3.11 all the time until Windows stopped running 16-bit programs. The trial version would keep working forever after the trial period ended. lol

The only 32-bit Windows 7 app I could find that remotely resembles it is a freeware program called Drawpile, and it's rather lacking in polish. Anyone know of some good ones?
mspaint is still included with windows, it does the shapes and zoom to pixel level.

photoshop can do shapes and everything else. it's pretty easy to pirate, i'd look back to versions like CS2 or CS3 tho. it's still the best around. GIMP is a free alternative and pretty good, as is both of those have smaller installs.

you might want to look into some drawing tablets, some of them come with software. i recently got myself one of the plain type where it's just a board, not a screen. i need to mess around with it soon!
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MS Paint is a little too simple.

I installed GIMP a little while ago, then uninstalled it. It's just too much.

I think Paint Shop Pro 7 is about as modern as I would ever want to go. I used to copy pictures back and forth between versions 3.11 and 7 to use the best features of both. Some of the filters were a lot cooler than Photoshop's.

I don't remember if I've ever installed PSP 7 on this laptop. I know it quits working when the trial period is over. There's a way to fix that in the Windows registry, but I don't remember how after all these years.
Well, I'll be damned. PSP 3.11 still runs on 32-bit Windows 7. Banana

I should've known. I have a lot of old ANSI art and terminal programs on this laptop. I even have a WordStar file format converter. None of that stuff will run on my 64-bit desktop system.

It really does pay to have an older OS around.


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