Teena Marie was struck in the head by a large picture that fell off the wall...
Quote:In 2004, while Teena Marie was sleeping in a hotel room, a large picture frame fell and struck her on the head. The blow caused a serious concussion that would cause momentary seizures for the rest of her life.


Six years later, she died from what was assumed to be a seizure related issue.

But wow...

See this is why I don't allow any heavy stuff to be hung on the walls around where people sit or sleep.

I try to avoid hanging stuff on the walls in general, I just don't think it's necessary.
I think that's so sad.
I guess she won't get to be my lovergirl now. Sad Nana

trix i have a very hard head , i have banged into concrete a few times and those who have had the pleasure of punching my head have all agreed ...it hurts to punch my noggin ,perhaps its just thicker
*takes down further notes about Guest in spiral bound notebook dedicated to Guest*
my god, could she SING!

If I could sing like that I'd never shut up.

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