Protestors Attack & Destroy Ebola Center in Beni, Congo Over Election Delays

Remember when they changed the original definition of ebola to update the symptoms etc. back in the ultimately nothing burger ebola "OMG we're all gonna die" scare circa 2014?


Sounds to me like they're once again using ebola as a psyops, this time to delay elections...

Why else would people attack an ebola center??

Because they know it's bullshit and it's being used for political reasons.

They used the ebola scare to move troops into all the "effected areas" in Africa last time, so I guess this is the next step in whatever sick plan they had.
They were paying people to run around poisoning wells (with something) so towns would get sick (however temporarily) and hype up the ebola hysteria.

I mean after the mass panic that happened years back, when absolutely nothing came of it... surely this time people aren't gonna just blindly believe the "official story"?

Did nobody learn from that shit?

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