YouTube Tarot Readers Being Covertly Sponsored, Telling Viewers To Play The Lottery
YouTube tarot reading channels are now COMPROMISED, being covertly sponsored by advertisers.

So far, the most common suggestion I've heard them make is to "BUY A LOTTERY TICKET" or "PLAY THE LOTTERY".

Here's my theory about the lottery:

I said I would make this topic its own thread if I ever saw any more shenanigans out of these fucks...

Well here it is.

(11-11-2018, 10:02 PM)Trix Wrote: About the 'tarot reader community' on YouTube...

They are starting to be compromised by advertisers.

Now unfortunately that's when things reach a "too mainstream" point and it's a jump off point for those of us who KNOW and are privy to the way advertising works online these days (name dropping and the power of suggestion).

The first verified advertiser/scam that I have found these tarot readers name dropping is "University of the People"... one reader even goes so far as to tell people to "type it into Google or their browser" so that they will "remember it" easier. When actually this is so that Google can track how many people are searching these terms, then serve ads and result rankings based on those terms in the future.

"University of the People" is being touted by these readers as "free" but it's actually not free... they get you with hidden fees, such as exam processing fees etc.

But that is just ONE company (and oddly enough not even a 'corporate interest' on its face, very strange) that is starting to drop turds in the 'tarot community' punch bowl...

I assume innumerable others will be on their way.

I just unsubbed 2 people over this even though I really liked them...

So anyone in the 'tarot community' reading this, if you make videos, I strongly encourage you to resist these offers of advertising if they approach you, because you will lose.

I will be listing the channels which have been compromised as I find them...

Scorpio Rising, 29K subs, tells viewers to play lottery:

Archangel Guidance, 96K subs, tells viewers to buy lottery ticket, mentioned University of the People:

I can't find the first guy who was touting the University of the People, but if I ever run across his channel again I'll post it.

I don't watch very many readers, so I'm sure there are A LOT more of them out there doing this.

It's pretty sick that these tarot readers would throw in these "suggestions" amidst a message that is supposed to be divine and spiritual... it's very shameful.
Who the fuck tells people to buy a lottery ticket???

That's like saying "Go do a little meth!"
What I can't figure out is what benefit it gives the tarot reader to tell people to go play the lottery?

Are they offered a lump sum to give this suggestion?

Is it a social experiment to see how much sway these channels have?

It's not even traceable to these readers if their viewership goes out and buys a lottery ticket...

So it has to be a social experiment using the datamining 'lottery' system.
It's only a matter of time til this kinda shit happens to anything that is reaching large numbers of people...

I'm not saying I find the infiltration surprising on any level whatsoever, LOL.

I'm just pointing it out, now that it's happened, there's basically no safe tarot reader to watch on YouTube anymore.

Trust me, the people I've seen doing this are not the type you'd ever expect it from.
(01-03-2019, 02:24 AM)Trix Wrote: Scorpio Rising, 29K subs, tells viewers to play lottery:


She has the same story as another tarot chick I heard telling people to play the lottery.

Wow, this shit is fucked up.

And they both sound like they're being totally honest too, which is just crazy.

How can these people bullshit like this?!


Damn I wish I had saved the links to the other vids I've heard them talk about the lottery in.

Some of these were months ago, there's just no way to find it.

Posting every single one on this thread in the future though.

I had to give it time to see if it happened again, if it was just a fluke, etc.

But nah, there is definitely covert advertising or some kinda social experiment afoot here.
I wish I could find the guy's video where he tells everybody to Google University of the People...

It was just sooo blatant. I should have saved that shit, I'm so pissed.

I looked super hard for his channel too but I can't find it because there are an absurd amount of tarot readers on YouTube now and I can't remember the channel name.
Found him...

His channel name is '33'...



And I just wanna say, this fucking guy has THE LONGEST FUCKING INTRO I'VE EVER SEEEEEEEEN, OMG.

In one of the random videos I came across of his months ago, he was actually TALKING ABOUT UoP, like I said, he told people to Google it and everything.

And the way he said it all was just sooo deceptive, because most people aren't gonna understand what the fuck he's doing.

Tsk tsk tsk...


And in that video description section he even says "Please do not exploit the tarot"...


Riiight, okay.
(01-03-2019, 02:49 AM)Trix Wrote:

Dang, she's hot! And that was hilarious. But I'm pretty sure it's "staged".
And Trix, what in the world ever made you think you could trust a YouTube tarot reader?  Talktothehand heh heh
Yeah it is a British comedy!!!

But she's super hot. SUPER hot.

And as far as trusting tarot readers, listen...

I'M a tarot reader.

So I know tarot readers aren't just a bunch of inherently dishonest pieces of shit with lax morals.

They're just mystical airy-fairy fuckers who like to bounce around on the inflatable intuition floatie of life...

I'm all about it. ALL ABOUT THAT SHIT.

And I read tarot for myself, so I know that it REALLY CAN PREDICT things.

It REALLY can.

But it's all about using the tool of the tarot (pictures which represent certain situations, emotions, etc.) to bypass the filter between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind...

My theory is that the subconscious mind knows all. Even the future. It's basically one with the universe via all the plasma connections which attach everything (string theory type deal, only I don't actually follow the string theory; it's just an exemplary concept).

So I do believe that this sort of "intuitive" knowing is absolutely real, it's useful, it should be considered.

But I just think it's really sad and fucked up when people stoop to such a "human" level as to covertly advertise in the middle of a fucking tarot reading that is supposed to be "otherworldly" and "esoteric" in nature, piping info down "from the heavens" to touch hearts and minds, it's like wow, really? Fuck you bastards.
And the thing is...

The WAY they're advertising it.

If the guy just left it at the SUPER LONG VIDEO INTRO where he mentions it in text, that would be BETTER. It's in the beginning, it's out of the way, fine.

But the fact that he and that one lady (Archangel Guidance) mention it in the middle of their fucking readings, AS IF IT'S AN ORGANIC, HONEST THOUGHT THEY JUST HAD... THAT'S THE FUCKED UP PART.

And what I'm wondering is if they're SPECIFICALLY INSTRUCTED to share the advertisement that way...

Are they approached and given specific orders, like for their specific genre?

Are they told to mention it in the middle of the reading like it's just a random thought they had?

Because that signals a definite social experiment, of the psychological persuasion.

It's the type of stuff that corps who hire psychologists to maximize advertising tactics (AKA taking advantage of people on a emotional/intellectual level) do all the time.
(01-03-2019, 06:52 PM)Trix Wrote: I'M a tarot reader.

So I know tarot readers aren't just a bunch of inherently dishonest pieces of shit with lax morals.

And I read tarot for myself, so I know that it REALLY CAN PREDICT things.

It REALLY can.

Oh I don't disagree. I was really just kind of comically ribbing the overall notion of YouTube "diviners".
Just as YT can attract a lot of legitimate talent, unfortunately it also pulls in the scam-artists.
I know they're not all swindlers.  Angel 3

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