Pedophile Agenda: Child Sex Abuse Rings Utilizing LGBTQ+ Gay & Transgender Community
The agenda to sexualize children and normalize pedophilia is well underway, and it has quite clearly found a warm welcome and a home in the LGBTQ+ gay and transgender community...

They're not speaking up about it, they're not outraged about it... therefore, we can only assume that they must agree with their community being used to brainwash and procure children for the enjoyment of pedophiles.

Are you LGBTQ+? Do you disagree with this sick, heinous public abuse of children that is taking place? Well I guess you better make your voice heard, because this atrocity endangers your community, and you will all be blamed by the public for the harm that has come to these children.

If you are LGBTQ+ and you disagree with this pedophilic agenda, you must make your stance known immediately, and you must publicly decry this heinous abuse of children. Your silence is consent.

The number one most popular victim of this agenda to sexualize and victimize little children is so called "drag kid" Desmond Is Amazing...

Here are some videos to catch you up on the situation:

I will post some examples from Desmond's Instagram page, run by his sick, twisted mother. Theses examples show the typical illuminati symbolism and other obvious indicators of pedophilia and child abuse. First I would like to point out that "fashion" is so often used as a scapegoat to parade these child victims around. I am reminded of Celine Dion's recent luciferian clothing line, and her militant "de-gendering" of children:

Here are some examples from Desmond's Instagram page...

Desmond with obvious, creepy pervert James St. James:

One eye illuminati symbolism GIMP MASK made by @jayyd_vil specially for Desmond:

Desmond pictured between two creepy perverts at the age of 6:

A frightened looking six year old Desmond being mock strangled by @sharonneedlespgh, and it's well known that the elite child abuse cults love to kill the kids by strangling them:

Desmond standing in front of The Stonewall Inn, another club he's likely performed in... they need to be looked into:

A barely 7 year old Desmond standing next to a freaked out old pervert, speaking (at the Pulse nightclub memorial) for group "Gays Against Guns":

An unflattering photo with a description hinting at Desmond snorting drugs. Desmond references illicit drugs often in video clips, and demonstrates knowledge of how to snort drugs like ketamine.

An innocent photo of Desmond (no older than 4) and another child, with a disgustingly sexualized image description by Desmond's mother, who manages his Instagram page:

The creepy cut up desk referred to in this video at 9:16:

"Fan made" artwork depicting Desmond beside human sacrificial Mayan Kukulkan pyramid at Chichen Itza:

Masonic checkerboard symbolism with a description that states Desmond is the youngest ever member of "House of UltraOmni":

Here's an article about the pedo grooming house, featuring Desmond:

Desmond pictured in a very awkward, bent over position. This is photo (1) showing him in this position.

The photo is reposted from @adolescentcontent, an Instagram profile which features a lot of bizarre photos, with sexualized children and teens peppered in:

In this incredibly disturbing video where he sounds and looks drugged out of his mind as usual, he says he doesn't like being called a 'drag QUEEN' because it sounds like an adult term:

He was likely coached to say this in order to capitalize on being referred to as a "kid" so they can pander to pedos.

Desmond speaking to a lot of other small children (including handicapped children) at the cancerous NYC "children's museum of the arts":

Here's their Instagram, full of the gay flag/rainbow symbolism:

Here they are politically targeting children and brainwashing them with the gay/leftist agenda:

Desmond pictured with Amber Heard, a Hollywood celebrity with lax morals who apparently supports the sexual exploitation of children:

Desmond guesting on hated YouTube channel "Queer Kid Stuff" which is a tireless effort by sicko pervert Lindsay Amer to brainwash and sexualize small children:

Desmond pictured in a very awkward, bent over position. This is photo (2) showing him in this position:

Desmond pictured in luciferian/satanic attire, which he apparently wore to a performance in yet another gay/drag club:

Club called The Blonds NY:

Here is another video I posted in another thread along the lines of this subject...

"Dr. Anne Georgulas, Texas based pediatrician, FORCING son to be transgender girl"

(01-03-2019, 08:11 PM)Trix Wrote: I ran across this story on a YouTube video about a "DRAG QUEEN KID" who is being drugged and paraded around by his mother who is OBSESSED with murderer Michael Alig, who was part of the Club Kids (which also included RuPaul who is now a famous drag persona). Basically, Desmond's mother is using her child to get into a known drug addict and sex perv ring so that she can have access to her IDOL Michael Alig.

Desmond goes around drugged out of his mind and he has extensive knowledge about all kinds of illicit drugs, including HOW to use them. He was most recently found dancing on stage in a GAY BAR (he's ELEVEN YEARS OLD), and this story is what has everyone in an uproar now that they know what is being done to this kid.

This rampant child abuse needs to STOP.


8:30 Pissi the Pedo. And there you have it.
Blaire White, a transgendered person with a huge following and typically sensible sociopolitical views...

Made an incredibly dismissive video about what is being done to Desmond.

If someone like Blaire who isn't a mind rotted, run of the mill SJW isn't completely outraged by this...

The LGBTQ+ community is doomed and will go down in proverbial flames over this heinous abuse of children, because members of said community were too passive and didn't make it known that pedos aren't welcome.

If you're LGBTQ+ and are not brave enough to stand up and demand that pedos be ousted from your community, I recommend you immediately begin dissociating and moving as fast and far away from the community as you possibly can if you don't want to be associated with pedophiles and hated by the general public.

You thought you were hated and oppressed before? LOL!
Nice way to waste your social influence and your societal pull, Blaire. BTW. Fucking disgusted in you.
Can you imagine ANY of this shit flying back in the '50s?
Not that society was at its peak of awesome then, but at least
there wasn't all-out obvious ABUSE being applauded as
"bravery" and welcomed into so many circles.

Motherfuckers would've been arrested, straight-up, kids taken AWAY!
We've allowed deviant behavior to go too far and become accepted
as "normal".

Hell, in some cases it's not even just looked upon as
normal but preferred! This is nothing against the gay/lesbian
crowd, if you're 18 and over and aren't harming other folks
or animals, then have at it.

It's the corruption of the children and the pushing of agendas
that's gone too far. And it's getting worse by the day....
"But whosoever shall offend against one of these little ones who believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." Matthew 18:6

2:25 at least they used to be honest about the fact that these groups are paid by higher ups to lure people into the club.

They make it sound like it's club owners "paying them to dress this way"...

It goes a lot deeper than that.
Michael Alig of the Club Kids brutally murdered Andre Melendez in 1996... three years after that TV appearance.

And now that Michael is out of prison (since 2014) he has made a YouTube channel, and Desmond has been in his videos.

That's right. Desmond's sick, twisted mother who is OBSESSED with Michael Alig and the Club Kids, has LET HER 11 YEAR OLD SON be alone with Michael Alig, A MURDERER, and his weird fucking friends to FILM VIDEOS.
That's a whole lotta freakdom up there on that stage.
They want christian america to embrace child sex. Then they will introduce human sacrifices. I feel like humanity goes through this cycle over and over and not sure it can be stopped just like wars. We are foolish creatures and were programmed that way it seems.
Trix, this is incredible, really great research here connecting the dots so people can see the pattern of exploitation that is happening to this kid and probably many others.

I am appalled that this is acceptable to the LGBTQ community.

Can you imagine the outrage if parents let a preteen girl wear these trashy clothes and paint their face with makeup like a street whore and twerk for money in a bar, let alone an 11 year old boy. It is wrong on so many levels. Disgusting and despicable.
Thank you Kitty, I appreciate that. I really tried to compile enough proof of ritualistic symbolism to make it clear that what this kid's mother is allowing him to get involved with IS NOT innocent. It's not just a random mom and kid who enjoy "drag culture"... it's a kid who is clearly being sexualized and victimized by people who are supposed to protect him.
The other abused child being paraded around as a "drag kid" is called "Lactatia" and he is even younger than Desmond.

This is Lactacia and his obese, mentally deranged mother on a morning show interview:

I didn't even watch this video, it's just too hard. But I can see that I'm not alone because it's got 1K thumbs down.

There's another video of these two showing them at home and there are drawings of satan on the walls, I BS you not. If I find it I'll post it.
Another video about the abuse of Lactatia:

7:40 pizzagate confirmed.

Wow, "Boomer Titor"... this guy's channel is a clever and very funny play on the John Titor time traveler thingy. Smart! He made a great video.

Hard to watch...

Gut churning.


This is Michael Alig, the murderer seated next to Desmond.
If Michael Alig is going to smother a man, pour chemicals down his throat, dismember him, and throw the remains into a river...

Well, what else could he be capable of?

15:48 - 18:20 people are putting the pieces together... and she's right.

From the comments section:

Quote:In 2014, after Michael Alig's release, he was seen photographed with James Alifantis - the owner of Comet Ping Pong, which was at the centre of the Pizzagate scandal.
(01-05-2019, 03:33 AM)Trix Wrote: The other abused child being paraded around as a "drag kid" is called "Lactatia" and he is even younger than Desmond.

This is Lactacia and his obese, mentally deranged mother on a morning show interview:

I didn't even watch this video, it's just too hard. But I can see that I'm not alone because it's got 1K thumbs down.

There's another video of these two showing them at home and there are drawings of satan on the walls, I BS you not. If I find it I'll post it.

those so called news media  interviewing the demented mother and child are even worse by encouraging this satanic bullshit , i would love seeing them dragged through the streets by their hair and then beaten and beheaded by those doing gods work... time to go opus dei on those fuckers

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