Why is Brad Pitt coming up in the mass consciousness?
Very weird.

I'm not gonna give any examples...

It's just too embarrassing.

But Brad Pitt has been coming up in the consciousness.

I suspect some shit has been going down with him, or is about to.

Just throwing that out there...

And I've done this a few times.

My line of thinking is that if I mention it and call it out, nothing will ever come of it.

But in case it does, I have this thread to reference.
I think you're right. 

It's been years since I've read any Hollywood gossip news, but something was pulling me toward it the past week and I spent an entire night reading about Brad Pitt. 

Wow there's a lot going on there right now! Apparently he's not allowed to see any of his kids unless it's through supervised visits, even years after the initial incident that happened on some plane or whatever.

Makes you wonder. I hope he's not a pedo or something.

I don't trust Angelina Jolie for one second. She works for the UN and they adopted all these foreign kids, maybe they're involved in child trafficking or something.
I haven't heard any news about him or anything like that.

But let's just say that I've heard people from very different walks of life randomly mention him...

In all instances they were trying to think of examples of actors, or people who had been prominent but had kinda fallen off...

And over the last several months even I referenced Brad Pitt in at least 2 separate occasions in conversation, as a "random" example of a certain type of person.

It's very strange.

I'm not particularly a Brad Pitt "fan", I mean it's whatever.

There's just no apparent reason for me, or the other people I've noticed to be mentioning him.

And the other night, I was doing some research on Otzi, the Ice Man...


I found out that Brad Pitt has a tattoo of Otzi on his arm...




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