Trix is yummy
I would love to eat bacon and eggs on her tummy as she lays on a giant glass table. Everytime my fork poked her belly she would giggle , please stay still darling . Her belly needs licking after each meal you guys .

Why does it have to be a glass table??

Can it not be a glass table??

Because aside from that, I'm totally down.
I low key have a glass table phobia.
I just think that glass tables are a monumentally bad idea.

And TBH, glass in general... meh.
I like glass tables, but yes op, to taste her lips and kiss her body would be yummy.
They started making glass tables out of safety glass after the first idiot impaled himself on pointed glass shards. It's almost impossible to cut yourself on broken safety glass. The shelves they make nowadays can support the weight of a grown man too.

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