Trump To Use Military To Build The Wall, This Is What Caring About America Looks Like
Flip Off 
Take notes, demoncraps and rhinos...

This is what a president does.

He takes care of business, big boy style.

That's why it takes a fucking man...

That's why Hitlery isn't your president.

That's why Nasty "Geriatric" Pelosi and Max-senile Waters should be knitting at an old folks' home instead of even trying to talk to Trump.

Just retire already... you're an embarrassment.
That's how the Romans did it. Hadrian's wall was built by the Roman legions.

When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers builds something, you know that shit got built right.
A lot of people suspected the military would build it, and that's why the last military spending appropriation was so huge. The Donald made damned sure he was gonna get the money for it.

All of this business of shutting down the government was designed to show the Democrats for the obstructionist shitlords they are. Not to mention, it's saving the taxpayers a boatload of money.

Are you folks tired of winning yet? Banana

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