Whacked out low level famous people (trendies) now admitting to being Luciferian

So this total moron is Kat Von D's husband, and Kat Von D is a famous tattoo artist.

This guy's name is Rafael Reyes (Leafar Seyer) and at 11:14 he brags about being "luciferian".

Luciferianism is the religion of hollywood and the globalist elites...

Most recently they've been using their nasty evil tool Celine Dion to further the agenda of 'de-gendering' children and brainwashing them into some ugly, dark, stupid lucifer loving cult BS.

"Celine Dion's Satanist Clothing Line, Decries Labeling Children With Gender"


It goes hand in hand with the pedophile agenda...

"Pedophile Agenda: Child Sex Abuse Rings Utilizing LGBTQ+ Gay & Transgender Community"

Lot more of em out there then most folks think...
Never heard of that dude. Barely even know who KVD is. Thank the lawd.

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