so i had a thought about 11:11 and i think i've fully decoded it
Sad Nana 
i've seen tons of stuff about people frequently seeing 11:11 on digital clock displays. it's said this is a synchronicity thing, and it's good. i've come to a darker conclusion.

no one used to see 11:11 on an analogue clock. this was never a thing before digital displays, and people would only notice it on analogue dials after having been familiar with it digitally. thus, i argue it is not meant to convey anything about the number 1. we're just interpreting it that way because we're programed to recognize that symbol/shape as a number 1 in that context. that context is false.

so, if it's not a 1, then what is it? it's this: |. a vertical line, or a bar, if you will. | | | |

so, what is | | | | ?

11:11 is not a positive synchronistic thing inside of this reality. it is a desperate message from our higher self reminding us that we are behind bars, in the jail of time and this synthetic holographic reality. it's a plea to remember. it's a wish to escape.
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner
Such "synchronicities", according to Clif High, are not natural.

I don't think he ever explained where they're coming from.

But these numbers are all over everything...

When "consciousness" communicates through these numbers, it's usually very specific numbers for each person.

For me, there are a few specific number combos that I take to mean certain things...

And I see them everywhere.

They're on all things digital, license plates, bar codes...

The other day I was watching an episode of Columbo from the '70s and what do ya know?

They were in that too.

The holographic nature of reality has become more and more apparent to me lately...

I have had moments of undeniably and unforgettably seeing it for what it really is.

It's an illusion of dimension and it's achieved by electrical signals and toroidal fields.

If it's computer-like, then it runs on said numbers. The only question is... are these numerical messages coming from our higher selves, consciousness, or something sinister?
I don't get a sinister feeling when I see these numbers.

And it's a known communications system, humans do mimic this phenomenon... usually the "elite" who do it, or just the "enlightened" people. They'll use specially chosen phone numbers or whatever.

But these sequences of numbers that follow you absolutely everywhere... they're reminders of whatever the numbers represent, and they're messages coded into the "game" from outside.

So it's either us before we enter this place, leaving ourselves clues... or it's being done in realtime by another entity.
seems I'm out of the loop here? what are you referring to with numbers and synchronization?

numbers... seen stuff on that...
Basic info...

The fruitloop new ager circles call 'em "angel numbers"...

That will summarize the basics of the subject though.
I'm not trying to diss anybody when I call 'em new ager fruitloops, BTW...

I love fruitloops.
interesting concept someone came up with...

not something I am familiar with... did not know you needed a number to see...

hmmm.... disinformation?
Something's afoot...


The uptick has been massive in the past few years.
well... if an angel can do things with numbers... why couldn't a demon?

how do ya know it's something friendly that means you good?
That's exactly what we're trying to figure out...

I mean these 'fruitloop' people who are into these 'synchronistic numbers' use them to judge a lot of things in their lives...

It's kinda like buying a lottery ticket because it has your fave numbers on it (I don't know how the lottery works or if that is even possible LMAO)...

And having an addiction to buying lottery tickets, and spending all your money on lottery tickets.

It's the same danger as listening to astrologers and horoscopes in order to plot your whole life.

Listening to that kinda stuff may be okay in some circumstances... but sometimes people take it way way too far and let it rule their lives.

That's what's going on with this "angel numbers" thing... and that's when tampering is (in my opinion) a lot more likely to take place. Tampering by outside sources, UNNATURAL sources, rigging numbers because they (whoever THEY are) know that these people follow all those 'signs' like they're gospel truth.
I always found it strange that the new-age types would incorporate
the whole "angel numbers" and "guardian angels" into their schtick
but were otherwise, at least earlier on, sort of anti-religion.

I'm not a religious person. Spirituality [to me] takes a definite fork
off the path of convention. In my opinion, religion is the surest path
away from "God".

I DO like the numbers thing, coming from a Numerology perspective
but I don't see a need to add the whole "angels" thing. It just makes it
cringy and weird.

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