Anyone tried BRCC

kinda expensive but the stuff I tried... was called gunship... was pretty good...

flavor was such... it needed nothing extra... unless ya just wanted extra...

opinions?  Suggestions?

I haven't ever tried it but I have heard of them...

Very Americana!
Looks good . its just that trix got me absolutely hooked on instant.
Some past topics and discussions about coffee:

(12-18-2018, 06:03 PM)Trix Wrote: As you guys know, I love instant coffee.

About a month back, tragically, I found out that instant has 300% the levels of acrylamide that regular coffee has.

So it's literally deadly.

I haven't stopped drinking it yet though.

I plan on it...

There are a few particular details on why I don't.

Basically I need one of those mini coffee pots.

But I just haven't gotten one yet.

I used to have one (I think) but I don't remember why I got rid of it...

Or if I ever even actually had it.

Sad Nana

I use something like that coffee cone that uses a paper filter ya see em pouring the hot water into...

the coffee that comes out is pretty good!

suggest ya give it a try with the info you got over content of instant... ???

oh on filters... looked... BRCC filters look just like the normal cone style coffee filters which area lot less in price...

BBRC has a hot water kettle... so having hot water seems fairly easy... can't really say don't have one right now... price is not bad... so?

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