Manna: Adalina Bonn's YouTube Channel
oh yeah the internet is wild, Im from NZ, hence why I picked up on the accent, I moved to the states after meeting my aqua on a random chat called eyeball (its like an old skool omegle) lol
I can be spicy on the internet though, don't get me wrong. My niceness doesn't particularly shine through on here...


But I am a very nice person IRL. And I just don't treat people differently or think of them differently just because they're "popular" LMAO.
know = now
omg I swear
I have slept 5ish hours in the past 2 days cos Im sick (fucking flu) so mind my engrish lol
If you registered, your posts would show up instantly without having to be approved first and you could edit them too. I should bump a thread about that on the front page for any newcomers so they know.
"I just don't treat people differently or think of them differently just because they're "popular""

Im totally with you, we are all just humans

LOL yeah, too much ego is just icky, it was a big thing that put me off Rich TBH
I would hate to see him at 200k his head would literally explode lol
Ill do that :)

I gotta come up with a fancy name like ThatGuest or something :D
I've talked to tons of people with 200K+ subs who are totally not egotistical about it at all and it's like not even a big deal...

I think it's just in Rich's karmic path to feel the way he does about it. It's one of his lessons or something.

I gotta be honest...

She looks good with no makeup and it makes me want to impregnate her with my non-existent, phantom sperm.
I feel like chicks ironically wear makeup to lessen the urge to knock them up...

It's funny because they're supposed to wear the makeup to make them look hotter, yet now I realize I've never felt the desire to impregnate a chick who was wearing makeup.
Hit it and quit it for sure though.

Since she's a Cancer, her tits are probably real...

Cancer chicks are known to have them big ol' tiddies.

But of course there are always 2 'types' of each sign...

It's not possible to generalize to that degree.
Cancer signs either have massive tits or they obsess on massive tits.

Again, not a general rule.

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