Manna: Adalina Bonn's YouTube Channel
(05-24-2019, 01:48 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

That’s so cool.

The strangest thought occurred to me when watching this though LOL, I wish this chick would do an impression of Adalina...

Her name is Amy Walker, she does some interesting impressions.
I actually know her used to work with her, she is a very nice Kiwi.
Mister Obvious you sound like one of those creepy lolcow or prettyuglylittleliar losers who have no hobby but spend their free time hating and obsessing on others for no reason apparent to sane people, discussing details about their lives and spreading rumors and hearsay like schoolgirl trash people
Adalina doesn't need you to white knight defend her on some anonymous internet forum...

Fucking relax, LMFAOOO.
Dancing Banana 
Imagine being "that guy"...


And if you're a chick...


I got nothing for that scenario.

I have no idea WHAT you're doing!
(06-08-2019, 07:10 PM)Guest Wrote: hating

If you see anything said here as "hating" then you really need to grow a pair fast, or life is going to hit you very hard.
Fuckin' pussies, LMFAOOO!!!
God I love triggering you pieces of shit!!!


Group Hug

Adalina looks hawt as FUUUUUUCK in this thumbnail though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s funny how these people always think it’s some kinda space magic rocket science that their videos get downloaded and reuploaded to other channels...


It happens on a literal constant basis.

ESPECIALLY with tarot readers who only show the cards and not themselves... those get voiceovered.

She acts so creeped out by the title and thinks the person who uploaded it is trying to “send her a message”...

LOL, when in reality it’s probably a China account that can’t even speak English and just rewords the titles the best they can, LMFAO. I fucking GUARANTEE it.

It’s been going on for YEARS.

They’ll even put a bunch of different readers on the same channel...

It’s mind boggling that any viewers fall for it, but alas, there are more total fucking idiots out there than smart people.
i like her videos but it'd be very nice if she stops saying happy Monday for North hemisphere, Tuesday for South hemisphere. jeez, a bit of geography please. it's not tomorrow in the South, it's maybe tomorrow in the East. thank you.
Yeah I was wondering about that too.

I don't really think about the hemispheres and the time differences and whatnot.

The internet is a global network and we're all outside of the confines of time/space...

Unless you're trying to have a live business call with someone overseas or something.

But you get what I mean, there's really nothing that separates us.

It would save these readers A LOT of time if they just prerecorded their 'spiels' or simply dropped them altogether (recommended).

She said a lot of great things in this video.

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