Onision (Greg/UhOhBro/OnisionSpeaks)

"At least 8 times" is a direct reference and taunt re: the Shiloh interview.

The dudes in prison should love making Greg do this...

That epic foreshadowing though...

What an idiot.

It's official...

Greg's son isn't safe either...

What the fuck happened to this guy to make him this way???

Chris Handsome...

Our hero.
He's a very exciting and attractive fellow.
More about Chris Hansen...

Quote:In an interview with the Lansing City Pulse, Hansen has said that watching the FBI and police investigate the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa when he was fourteen inspired him to want to become a journalist.


What a cool guy, falling in love a lil bit with Chris Hansen though!

It's a step in the right direction that Onision Greg Jackson's Patreon has been deleted...

But what about Lainey's?? It's still up...


And look at the tiers... is this shit a joke??


Access to her PO Box??? So she wants you to pay in order to see where you can send her things???

Access to her Wish List, same??

Access to her INSTAGRAM!?!?!?!?!?! Which she can't have public because of the SHITFEST of angry mobs coming for her because her husband (*AND HERSELF*) are being outed as fucking PREDATORS?!?!?!?!?!?

And people PAY FOR THIS SHIT?!?!?!?

MAYBE I could understand people paying for this if she was like... ACTING LIKE A GIRL. Trying to LOOK LIKE A GIRL. Being CUTE. Offering some type of actual entertainment or ANYTHING interesting or fun. But no... it's just a bunch of SCANDAL while she's confused about her "GENDER" like a fucking nutter. They need to kick her ass off Patreon too.

It's so obvious in this video how fucking psycho Greg is.

I don't buy anything he's saying in the video though because it seems faked.
0:50 LMFAO he's so fucking psycho.

But again, seems pretty fake.

Hey don't get me wrong, I hope she really does divorce him.

I hope she comes out and is finally honest with herself and the world that he COMPLETELY fucked her mind.

It may even save her from the law...

Not that she deserves that...


I guess it depends on how convincing she can be re: how much she turns on Greg and how much she admits he traumatized her and fucked her up, threatened her, abused her etc.
1:26 he does seem genuinely unsettled in this vid to a degree though... maybe it is real.

I dunno but... he's a scary son of a bitch.
1:36 ahahahahahaha aw, man, I dunno...

Gotta be a joke. Comes across as fake and try-hard.

1:42 it sounds like he has fuckin' demons, dude.

Could you imagine that freaky, creepy, obsessed psycho son of a bitch in your face like that while you're under his roof, totally stuck with him having had his children, fucked in the head so bad that you start thinking you're the opposite gender?

Fuckin' wow!
This is a good thread...

902 pages rofl.
They need to just put that thing down.
There is NO saving it.

I think Greg is the most demented son of a bitch ever to drive a Tesla...

And that's saying kiiind of a lot.
(12-09-2019, 09:25 PM)somethingelseishere Wrote: They need to just put that thing down.
There is NO saving it.

Fucking agreed.

1:45 again, I mean... could you fucking IMAGINE this freaked out son of a bitch doing some shit like this in front of you in your house while he's threatening you and shit?? Oh my God.

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