Onision (Greg/UhOhBro/OnisionSpeaks)

Mike Morse Lawfirm is who is working with Chris Hansen on this.

0:19 wow, Greg takes EVEN THIS OPPORTUNITY to narcissistically boost his own ego.

1:04 listen to how WARPED this guy is, how INNOCENT he's trying to make this sound on his part... he's so manipulative it's literally insane.

He "forgot" to crop out the top of the text, riiiiiight. God this guy is such an absolute complete and total fuck.

3:05 "faking seizures in a comedic fashion"... oh yeah cuz SEIZURES ARE JUST SO FUCKING FUNNY, GREG. What a piece of filth!

7:15 dude... what the ACTUAL FUCK is Greg even talking about right now???

8:15 I mean it's like he's LITERALLY talking about his victims right here, yet painting it to be about him or some shit, LMAO fucking WOWWWW.

18K people watching this livestream right now.
1:00 oh hell yeah, DONE GOT SCHOOLED by Chris Handsome!!! God I love this man!!!

2:00 now Greg's been banned from Twitch too.

3:00 I wonder why Jaclyn's just now being on the show?

5:40 I mean, Greg is right, high heels ARE stupid. See, I agree with Greg on some things... he's not wrong about some of the stuff he says, he's just... a bad person, LMAO.

6:10 I see why she hasn't been interviewed on the show yet. She doesn't have one of the most interesting or compelling stories.

7:08 it sucks that Greg just talks about his relationship in front of all his guests. LMAO @ bribing Lainey with money. Wow.

9:50 I see a pattern here... Greg puts these women he brings to his house in these "mock" abusive/traumatic situations for his videos.

12:30 sounds like another part of Greg's shtick is to start drama with these girls on the internet after he meets them.

16:08 God man, Chris Hansen thinks Greg is FUCKING reprehensible... and he does a GREAT job showcasing that fact.

17:00 you know it's interesting... a lot of these girls who come on here and talk to Chris about this stuff STILL don't see the extent to which they were fucked with by Greg. Like... Chris sees it. The audience sees it. The girls don't see the extent of it though, and it's kind of amazing in a sad way... it's the exact reason why abusers like Greg keep power over their victims for so long.

19:40 that's some straight up PSYCHO shit right there.

32:00 Chris Hansen is fucking legend man, I'm so in love.

48:18 good answer, Jaclyn.

52:00 that was actually very well said on the part of Jaclyn.

57:20 Chris Hansen has a fabulous laugh and smile. Oh so attractive.

Very interesting discussion between Chris and lawyer Mike.

0:33 wuuuuuuut.

Who's leaking these 911 calls though???

1:10 what the fuuuuuuuck.

Man from the sounds of this, Greg has a multitude of people waaay deep off in his biz...

Sounds like he's pissed off some higher forces.
(Yesterday, 06:06 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Who's leaking these 911 calls though???

Are they public record??

But can you go and just request the 911 calls by the names of people, addresses, phone numbers?

Seems like I've heard something about this kinda thing before...

I guess my question is, how did they know about the incident and what date it took place??

Have they accessed police records or something??

Can they, or just anyone, do that??

Or is someone telling them all this stuff??

If so, who??

Maybe neighbors, or local law enforcement they talked to on the ground??

Man I dunno, but it just sounds like Greg is totally screwed and not only that, but how horrible he truly is as a person just knows no fucking bounds.

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