Eugenia Cooney: Eating Disorders and the Devastation of Anorexia
(07-24-2019, 05:30 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Yeah she should have... and his sentence, it shouldn't have been any more than what was given to Gypsy.

I usually don't watch stupid shit like this, but I did see most of this video and I think a lot of the things he said were very interesting... he's not your typical fucktard. He is slightly retarded (so is Gypsy) but some of the stuff he said was very poignant on a spiritual level.

56:46 is one good example... yeah it sounds pretty terrible and brazen the way they're nonchalantly planning it. But her mother was a fucking monster. And what he says about the angel and the devil on the shoulder thing... man, he's just not a typical retard. I have a soft spot for that guy... prettymuch hate Gypsy for manipulating him the way she did though, then trying to act like she had no idea what happened when they got caught. She used him hard... but at least she later admitted that it was all her fault. The court should have given him a light sentence rather than dooming him to life in prison though. He just doesn't deserve that.

45:45 - 46:10 that's how i imagine my big first date with mo , secret hand holding and kissing in tandem with the big screen , so romantic and edgy right under the prying eyes of her mom ! omg

5:40 wow...

Thank God this chick has spoken up and isn't backing down.

HER MOM has a weak heart??

Meanwhile Eugenia's heart is literally being eaten by her own body.

What's going on here is so far beyond sick.
I had never heard of her until reading this thread, that’s some sad shit!

Lookup “damnlongneck” on Instagram. Not sure what his deal is.
This is horrifying.   There is no way that Eugenia, who apparently loves her mother more than anything, is going to be able to understand that her mother
has basically been encouraging her to bring about her own death. 

Honestly it might be better for her to just stay in denial, how could she even begin to take in something like that??  What would happen to her if she did?
Some truths are too terrible for any human being to handle.     

Talk about her mother's 'weak heart' starts at about at about the 19 minute mark.  Thank god health professionals witnessed Eugenia saying it because it's
just so damning: 


Wow. Just wow.
It's all out of the bag now...

Ain't ever goin' back in.

21:46 look how nice that space is...

I honestly want to cry.

Eugenia is so sweet, I just want her to be okay.

18:20 honestly want to cry right now, OMG...

It's a huge step in the right direction.

I want to see Eugenia mukbanging someday.

Hopefully she'll be ready and comfortable enough someday.

Eugenia is so cute... I love that jacket. I have one like that in black.
I would be afraid of breaking her if i was going out with that girl , seems like her bones might just shatter if she falls the wrong way like a 90 year old .

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