The Peace Dealer: Greatest Astrologer Ever

He wins.
He's an absolute fucking blast.
The start of this video reminds me of channeling the sun, fond memories...

I was just about to quote him...

"The greats are born between 88 & 96"

I caint say I understand that but I did want to share that, for you...
You are pretty dope Trix...

Jus sayin...

28:16 he's right you know.

4:30 I think he's overplaying the "strong dude" card here...

It's not funny. At all.

If she's gonna put her children in a situation to drive across the country to live with a dude she doesn't even know (totally insane in the first place) and hasn't even talked to about it...

It's serious, and it's dangerous.

7:00 see this is why Mike is so great, NOBODY talks about this kinda shit.

He was talking about the ancients who have been sleeping inside the earth...

I can't remember the last time I heard somebody talk about that.

3:32 Pluto in Scorpio is some hardcore shit...

This is where the sex/death obsession comes from.

1:40:00 great chat as always.

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