Frank Tufano: Exposing the Vegan Conspiracy
It honestly sounds horrible.
I don't want to poo poo pregnancy, don't get me wrong...

I want a curly blonde haired blue eyed baby just as bad as the next bitch.

But, man...

That price tag.

People are harping on Frankie for not being "humble enough" in the beginning of this broadcast...

And I'm sorry, but they're wrong. Frankie is just speaking the truth. He's right and it's that simple.

There's a lot of paid presence in the 'carnivore community' online, just like there are in the vegan circles.

Frankie is discriminated against because he's THE REAL DEAL. He's not a shill. He KNOWS what he's TALKING ABOUT.

What he's saying about being rejected from all these speaking events is a lot like what Clif High said about being banned from the ECETI event:
Frankie's the shit, dude. Face it, haters. Bow the fuck down to your king.

It's so fucking retarded that people don't understand wearing the Guy Fawkes mask totally takes away their identities, the force of their individuality and wholly cancels out the entire point of a mass demonstration...

LMAO humans are such fucking idiots.

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