"The Once and Future 'Net": D!99y Philes Volume 2, Issue 1
(02-14-2019, 07:52 PM)Guest Wrote: Given his lack of knowledge about networking stuff, I'm frankly amazed that anything works.

ROFLROFL, oh my!!!!!!
It's so true... most people don't know ANYTHING about this kinda shit though.
It's like it's all held together by a thread.
I guess he'll find out he needs expert guidance when he tries to play any kind of online game that requires port forwarding. shrug

I'm trying to reduce the technical hurdles users will have to jump to get this thing working. It's already complicated enough with port forwarding through a single router, installing packages, and editing the system path. The likelihood of a typical user having two routers is so remote that I'm not going to waste any time preparing for it.
I'm also seeing that having the channel client ping the server every 5 minutes isn't keeping the connection open any longer than it would stay open by random chance, so I'm going to cut that little bit of bloat out and think of another approach.
The channel client wasn't really disconnecting at all. The program was incorrectly detecting that the channel client had quit. Apparently it was checking the Windows task list too frequently, and Windows declined to answer at random moments. I modified it to cache the results for 5 seconds.
Another concern that needs to be addressed is the prospect of being sued by the RIAA, MPAA, or other copyright enforcement agencies. Many previous P2P network maintainers such as Napster and Limewire have been sued out of existence by these creeps, with damages in the hundreds of millions of dollars being rewarded. One such outfit claimed that a P2P network operator owed them more than a trillion dollars.

In the U.S. and many other Western countries, you can be found guilty of copyright infringement even if a copyrighted file never passed through your computer, if the plaintiff can show that you profited or intended to profit from other people's theft of copyrighted materials, or if they can show that you encouraged and condoned theft of such materials.

Well, I don't have the resources to fight a lawsuit from a well-funded industry group. Hence the following disclaimer.


Peer-to-Peer Application Disclaimer


This program is freeware. The author does not profit nor benefit materially
from the distribution or use of the software in any way.

The author of this software does not encourage or condone the use of the
software for any illicit or illegal purpose, including, but not limited to, the
distribution of third-party copyrighted materials or child pornography.

The peer-to-peer network implemented by this software is completely
decentralized. Given the litigious nature of certain copyright holders with
regard to peer-to-peer networking, the author does not, and will not, provide,
maintain, nor host any central peer cache or content tracking mechanism for use
in conjunction with the software. Users desirous of a peer discovery or content
discovery mechanism beyond that provided by the software shall be responsible
for providing said mechanisms, and shall assume any and all liabilities and
consequences, legal, moral, or otherwise, arising from the implementation and
use of said mechanism. The author hereby summarily disavows any fork of this
project or other derivative work which provides any such mechanism.

The network implemented by this software does not encrypt or otherwise
obfuscate any data conveyed over the network. It shall be the responsibility of
the user to ensure the security and privacy of data conveyed over the network.
(02-17-2019, 08:04 AM)Guest Wrote: One such outfit claimed that a P2P network operator owed them more than a trillion dollars.


“You owe us eleventy million billion gajillion dollars before high noon on the 31st day of February! Said funds must be delivered via an army of aborigine midgets!”

Over a trillion LMFAO I mean any entity which gets THAT triggered is totally horrified of losing control.
(02-17-2019, 08:38 AM)MO Wrote: Over a trillion LMFAO I mean any entity which gets THAT triggered is totally horrified of losing control.

That fear of losing control is on display today in the form of corporate media censorship and deplatforming of free thinkers on the Web. Not to mention legacy media dinosaurs trying to discredit the "alt" media under the pretense of protecting us poor gullible saps from conspiracy theorists and what-not.

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