Virginia Proudly Fights For The Right To MURDER Fully Developed BABIES For No Reason
I realize there are regretful people out there who have been pressured into abortion. I’m not hating on you. But you need to make sure whoever pressured you is no longer in your life and never will be again, no matter who it is. If it’s someone you love... just remember they pressured you into losing someone you would have loved even more than you love them.
Demonic entities and other enemies are causing America to commit heinous and unforgivable acts in order to make it a target for destruction by the natural function of universal balance.
This is what much of the infiltration of our country by low quality populations and ideologies is about on a deeper level.
I'll just go ahead and address the fact that these luciferian elites love to drink the blood of babies, and they probably eat them too.

If you people think that they aren't using these discarded, murdered babies for these types of purposes, you need to wake the fuck up.
They already make beauty products out of baby foreskins...

Face it.

This is what is going on and your silence is consent.

The least you can do is protest with your freedom of speech...

The children (babies) are our future, and our future is being killed...


5:00 she addresses the topic at hand.

8:45 the sale of baby parts is huge business.

More info on organ harvesting:

(01-11-2019, 12:32 AM)MO Wrote:

They will bend the rules as much as they have to and even lie in order to secure organs. There's no anesthesia used and those whose organs are harvested most likely feel everything.

10:30 Kamala Harris, verified baby killing advocate... they want her to be the next president so that they can fight for their "right" to slaughter babies nationwide.

They don't force sterilization like China did because they WANT the babies' bodies.

The UAE embassy is a huge donator to CAP, the hellhole that these baby murder laws are coming out of... again, it's a covert method of war and infiltration.

Abortion has always been a tool of eugenicists to carry out genocide.
MO this guy is infested with demons , yeah i know he thinks its a big joke making fun of religion

But the joke is on him . I say the same thing to my big brother when he does his horns of the devil hand signals and he has attended church his whole life and father is a preacher .

Listen i recall a lady down in texas who always came on some other site voice and she was always talking about Jehovah , and she warned us about all these atheists and mockers of God ... its the end of days and even the jokers will get tossed into the lake of fire , MO he will pull you in just for company

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