The Urban Stealth Campervan Man

Look how gorgeous his hair is.

He's so great at filming himself and talking to the camera.

I'm so impressed by him at every point and turn...

I'm so fascinated and interested.

5:30 I wish I could live in his coat pocket. Like a little coat pocket fairy. And he could take me out and stroke me all over. I could be completely enveloped in his hands...


1:08 ROFLROFL. 1:44 LMFAO I shouldn't be laughing or I might wake up with a creepy crawly on me!!!

LMFAO Judge Judy...

Judge Judy Facepalm

I used to be scared of spiders and whatnot but I made peace with them and came to understand them a few years back.

3:06 awwwe, it's...

Kinda mean looking LMAO.

3:50 LMFAO I squealed too ROFL.

Trying to smush things to death on a soft surface is the worst. It takes a long time and that's just sad.

8:15 maybe it was a girl spider with exquisite taste.



6:44 that's my kind of fishing pole right there, it's perfect!


7:21 holy fuck, using a magnifying glass and adding details...

I'm fucking obsessed.

9:10 it's an amazing picture.

I notice some people in the comments can't believe some of these paintings are even real...

It's such a monumental display of talent, it's hard to conceive of.

13:55 I think that's interesting... there seems to be a focus on super detail oriented work, not "miniature" work, but pieces with a lot of intricacy involved.

I wonder how such an artist sees the world... the perception and what details 'stand out' to them must be remarkably different.
That picture was from Quadrophenia.... great film

2:09 what the hell were all those people doing standing around outside Tesco Express?? It looked like an English biker gang?!

4:05 hell yes, in fact I would. I need my turkey basted!!! I need my ham glazed!!! I need a GOOD STUFFING!!!

4:18 you see horse drawn carts here all the time, it's Mennonite country down here in Kentucky.

Alright I'm going out on a limb... and if I'm wrong about this, I'm gonna have to quit moonlighting as an astrologer. But I've been giving this my best study and I think I've concluded that we've got ourselves a Pisces here. It's in the eyes. I know of two other Pisces fellows who have those same looking eyes. If I'm wrong, I'll be shocked.
If I'm right though, Pisces is officially my favorite sign. They are clearly very sexy in addition to being the romantic artist type. And this will be a transcendental moment for me... a moment where my natural intuitive abilities are honed to an undeniable perfection. I've done it before... I've been right before. But I'll never be righter than I will be in this moment if I'm actually right.
All the times I've ever been right before will pale in comparison to this monumental instance of me being right.
Well you are correct im very impressed, but it's a shame I'm not having a birthday this month ?
Heaven answers prayers...

(07-31-2018, 03:06 AM)MO Wrote: Regarding Pisces men...


Pure, complete and total want.

I want an incredibly sexual and romantic experience with a Pisces man and I want it bad.
(02-17-2019, 04:35 AM)MO Wrote: ... the romantic artist type.

What do you care about romance, Miss "Skip the Foreplay and Fuck Me Hard"?


2:38 ROFLMAO... fucking love you Brett.

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