How to disable third party cookies in Chrome
Shudder.  I got lured/herded into using Chrome, and only now did I learn that third party cookies have been enabled this whole time.

Firefox disables third party cookies by default, but not Chrome!

Anyhow, here is a simple video showing how to disable third party cookies in Chrome in case anybody here needs to take care of this:

Oh, and the way I found out I had third party cookies enabled was by going to  'what is my browser dot com'... 
You can check with any browser.

That's all, folks - have a good day!
Oh my God.

I didn't know anything about this.

I begrudgingly use Chrome on one of my devices.

Thank you for this thread.
That was easy!
You're welcome!  I am quite horrified that Chrome has been doing this all year but yes, at least it's easy to adjust once you know.

Also, thank *you* for warning about those DNA ancestry tests... that was a close call, don't know how I could have been so clueless.   I was even going to get one of those kits for somebody as a gift.  OMG, thanks for setting me straight!
Hey, I didn't even notice that a thread about ancestry/DNA testing is right here, right now.
I changed my mind when you first featured all of those different videos of people who had taken those
tests and were filming their reactions.
You are so welcome.

I know they make it seem so attractive...

Nobody can be blamed for falling into the "trap"... it's all a matter of being informed.

People just don't want to assume the worst, and they are taken advantage of.
Dancing Banana 

Do you disapprove of us disabling our 3rd party cookies?!

Who do you work for?!
I just use plugins. These two are available for all desktop and mobile browsers:

uBlock Origin
Privacy Badger

The latter detects when a third-party site is tracking you from site to site and automagically blocks their cookies.

There's a thread where we discussed all of this too. lol
Dancing Banana 
What haven’t we talked about at this point?!
(02-06-2019, 07:08 PM)MO Wrote: Guest?!

Do you disapprove of us disabling our 3rd party cookies?!

Who do you work for?!


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