That early spring though...

I mean...

It was damn near 70 degrees for the past couple days...

I even saw a frog on the porch!?!


Wasn't Chicago just having a mini ice age a couple days ago??

Is it a false alarm??

Crazy to have winter temps that warm.

Isn't February supposed to be the coldest month??

Don't get me wrong, I know there are cold snaps coming...

But I just think that nature is bringing on spring early...

I heard birds chirping as well, don't really hear that too much when winter's in full swing.

Even the critters think it's time, and some of them have already hatched.

It's interesting.
January is usually the coldest month. February likes to tease you into thinking it's going to start warming up, then snatches it away. It was balmy for a couple of days here, now it's chilly again.
Whatever gets you in a bikini sooner i am all for it

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