Looking For Mr. Goodbar (1977) - Review & Commentary

I've kinda heard about this movie now and then over the past year or so. No idea why. I read the premise on IMDB...


Sounds pretty kinky, I feel sorta WTF about it!

But then I looked on YouTube, and there just happens to be a full upload of the movie in good quality too... kinda rare!

So I'm taking this opportunity to review it...

I have low expectations, even though I love 70s movies... 

Can't beat that era, so damn great.

Obviously this upload will probably get deleted sooner than later, so timestamps may or may not be at all useful. Including them anyway though.

Let's check it out...

Fabulous intro music. LOL, look, the title is in French! The audio is in english though, I skipped ahead to make sure.

OMG Tuesday Weld is in this movie!? She was totally hot... 

0:42 OMG, DISCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm, these credits are weird.

God that fucking disco thoughhh, FUCK MEEE.

3:10 dude this intro is kinda fucking annoying. Ah, it's over! Thank God!

3:22 LOL this chick looks so milk toast! I love it LOL. She's pretty. I recognize her now.

I think. Just the name "Diane Keaton" I recognize, but I couldn't tell you what she looks like.

I just Google'd, I totally recognize this lady she's been in a ton of shit.

4:15 LOL the shit they make people read in college is such pure fucking trash, LOL. That said, there was like one book in college that I thought was pretty great. 

4:38 I KNEW they were about to get squirrelly, WTF!!!!!! Look at this hotass dude, he's so '70s!!! Trixie wanna fuck!!! Those sideburns though. LOL this bitch is so excited and giddy, LMAO calm down. This bitch is annoying. She reminds me of that Michelle Pfeiffer chick. 4:59 OMG WTF? What the hell, is this chick a nympho or something??

5:11 dude this lady legit freaks me out a lil bit.

6:50 fuckin' hell this guy is hot as fuckin' fuck.

7:27 awe, she was abused the shit out of, that's so sad. Dude this movie is eerie as shit, I can't even lie.

8:45 ooooooooo, playing hard to get eh?!?!?!?!?!? This guy's about to make me rub my nanner raw!!!!!!!!

9:15 this bitch is so delusional I can't even tell what's real or fake. TBH... this bitch is never gonna fuck anybody better than this teacher dude. Ever. She needs to shut the fuck up though.

14:00 eww, is that Tuesday Weld?? She's annoying as fuck too. I can't tell whether that's her or not.

It IS her. She's drinking a bunch talking about how she doesn't know whether the baby came from New York or Chicago, LMFAO. What a careless twit!!! She's like "I'm getting rid of it" and I'm like "SOUVENIR!!!" No way I'd get rid of a baby!!! Who cares who the father is?

These hoes be crazy!!!


LOL this bitch is so delusional, I'm honest to God so fucking confused.

18:10 this dude is a total asshole... you'd have to be pretty dumb to put up with somebody like that.

21:20 I mean this guy sucks and he's violent, and it's like WTF is she doing... the whole dress lifting up thing isn't even hot. It literally isn't. 

22:35 ooo, their dad is pretty hot. What's that guy's name again?? Why the fuck is the phone always ringing?? TBH this move is dumb.

23:08 dude what the fuck is with this bitch's family?? These people are acting like cunts to this hotass new husband dude this chick scored... like what are they fucking stupid? She's literally ignoring him too. I low key hate everyone in this movie, LMAO OMG!

23:45 I wouldn't be running anywhere to meet this fucking asshole LMAO get real.

25:35 what the hell, is this bitch literally insane?? This movie makes it seem like she's literally delusional. It's honestly kinda sad.

27:54 fucking never hopefully!?

28:50 Diane Keaton is a decentish actress though. I'm glad she left without making a scene. Like what do you expect out of an asshole like that?

30:14 "Perfect!" LOOOL, okay that was epic.

LOL awwwe, now she's gonna go to a bunch of tacky discos and be a hobag! 

32:25 ew gross OMG they're all watching porno together?!?!?!?

This movie is fucking gross y'all.

33:50 LOL 70s orgies look depressing as shit.

37:34 agh OMG, the 70s music was so damn motherfucking great. It can make anything so much better.

39:17 where's the fuckin' sheets on the bed??

40:38 I always thought sign language was pretty amazing.

42:40 I gotta be real this lady needs to stick to being a fucking teacher because she sucks at being a ho and being a ho is stupid.

43:13 dude this bitch is crazy as shit.

44:44... okay. I gotta be honest. I'd fuck that guy. He looks like he really needs to let loose.

Oh LMAO, that's Richard Gere. Hot fucking DAAAAAAMN, he was fine as HELL back in the day.

What the FUCK, did she just IMAGINE that WHOLE FUCKING THING?????????

49:15 is she gonna fuck this guy?? I meeean... to be honest he's actually kinda hot.

50:45 dude this bitch is sooo nasty, why did they have to make Tuesday Weld's character so fucking NASTYYY??? 

52:40 I'd be owing him a fuck after that, not even gonna lie, I mean he's definitely hot. He deserves it.

54:00 this bitch needs to stop being so crass, that guy is pretty awesome.

54:40 this guy is definitely only good for sex.

58:30 this guy is fun.

59:50 okay, just this once... but this dude is definitely not getting invited over again.

1:00:33 motherfucker does some shit like that to me he'd be getting a cap busted off in that ass.

1:03:25 "I'll keep in touch!" LOL how about you DON'T?

1:06:00 it's an usually good soundtrack for such a... droll movie.

1:08:15 TBH a bar in the 1970s is the only bar I'd ever even remotely consider going to.

WTF did he even just give her?? Cuhcaine??

1:10:25 he's offering to cook... I mean damn, why the fuck aren't they married yet?? That fucking guy is awesome.

1:12:00 TBH I might have to start watching this shit on double speed.

1:13:50 doing coke with this guy who's already totally jacked is just a dumb as shit idea, like... facepalm. Pure and total facepalm.

1.5 speed is as fast as I can make it without it just being too fast.

1:19:29 daaamn, these kids though!!! Talk about getting held accountable. I'd be like fuck that, I'm never doin' them thar drugs AGAIN!!!

1:21:15 alright, you know what... I officially HATE this bitch. For not marrying that dude immediately. Truly. Honestly. She sucks and I fuckin' hate her and I hate this movie.

1:28:45 I can't understand why this guy is even interested in her. She's such a ho and she's all surly and shit. 

1:30:35 my days of hoing would be over... he's way too good for her.

1:32:00 whoa! This guy is a shitlord! I'm getting pretty fucking turned on at this point!

1:32:55 dude, cuhcaine is so inefficient.

1:34:00 you know this is quite interesting. Her sister comes back all cured of her ails, and now the shoe's on the other foot. She inherited all her sister's demons after coming into contact with her place, and whatnot. 

Sooo that guy is like totally stalking her. I mean that's pretty hot. I'm gettin' pretty turnt at this point.

1:40:10 thank God he got rid of that old geezer though. I mean seriously, what the fuck was she thinking?

1:42:10 I mean honestly, she hit him first sooo.

1:43:45 damn these bitches are so annoying, isn't somebody supposed to be killing this bitch at some point??

Only 25 minutes left thank God.

1:46:00 ah FFS, is this Tony fucker gonna be the one who kills her?? I wanted it to be the James dude.

1:48:00 I'd be bringing that dude inside and banging the hell out of him. 

1:48:30 ew God, a strobe light??? What a terrible gift. Strobe lights piss me off. He better not turn that fucking thing on when he kills her. That'd be so insulting.

1:49:30 "Did you even fucking VOTE?!" LOL OMG I want this guy so fucking bad.

1:51:40 oh so THAT'S what happened.

Okay well whatever, let's get to the killin'.

I used to have it so hardcore for Tuesday Weld...



1:59:35 ah so this is the guy who's gonna straight up murder her ass then? Ah well, at least he's not ugly.

He kinda looks a little bit like James Dean or a young Marlon Brando. He talks some pretty deep shit too. He's not bad.

2:02:30 oh God here we go with the fucking strobe light.

2:03:25 yeah this dude ain't half bad, way worse fuckers to get killed by.

2:05:40 LOL oh God. Run like hell! LOL.

2:06:50 oh my God, LMFAOOOOOO. I KNEWWWWW they were gonna have that FUCKINGGG strobe light going. 

Agh. He's not James, and there's a fucking strobe light, LMFAOOO. I'm sorry but this chick's murder sucks. What a shit movie! LOL dying looking at a strobe light! What a shit way to go! 3/10 stars.
Like obviously I've seen worse, but it was pretty crap.

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