Will anyone ever talk about the differences between IVF babies and natural babies?
It would be interesting...

There are a lot of very unnatural things going on these days, impregnating people who would have otherwise never been able to reproduce.

There are undoubtedly differences in the relationships between these babies and their mothers... these relationships undoubtedly differ from those which came about through natural impregnation.

But what are the differences?

The biggest issue with learning more about these differences is that women would have had to have a baby naturally and experienced that relationship... then they would have had to go on to have another child through IVF later for whatever reason, in order to experience that relationship and be able to compare the two.

It would also require women with the ability to even understand the concept that there are almost certainly perceptible differences between these relationships. And let’s face it, most people just wouldn’t even think of that being a possible explanation for relationship differences... they would just assume it was a result of something else, or just never even think about it at all.
I’m sure there are also perceivable differences between the pregnancy experiences themselves... but again it would take women who have experienced both natural and unnatural (IVF) pregnancies to even begin to examine the differences between the two experiences.
On a slight different note, they say you do get more nancy boys via c-section

I would like to try IVF down the line, I already have "natural babies" including twins, reason being I got my tubes tied cut n burned after the twins but I regret it. I was asked minutes before I had my c-section so I didnt really have the chance to think it over, at that time OVERDUE with twins, you are just like I NEVER want to be in this pain again lol sign me up :/
OMG you have twins... I'm so jelly!!!

Congrats, that's amazing!!!

Sorry they pulled that fast one on you with the tube thing... don't even get me started on all the things I could say about that. Pisses me off!

But you know, everything happens for a reason.

If you end up doing IVF sometime in the future, remember this thread and maybe keep a journal of the experiential differences if there are any. If you conclude anything interesting, share it with the world!

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