My Kinda Shit: Coffee Cup Divination

Holy fuckin' crap, it's getting full on gypsyĀ up in this bitch...

And I am 100,000,000% LIVING. FOR. ITTTT.


Taking it straight up fucking old school now...

Makes me wanna get out my magic bag of tricks and do some hoodoo/bone/stone reading.
As for the actual messages themselves, I dunno... I have no intention of actually watching these videos.

I'm saying the art of divination is totally valid and this is absolutely a valid method and I fucking love it.

I've personally never tried this particular method but I totally dig it and literally just found this in the recommended section.

It's just fucking fascinating, humans never cease to amaze.
I like the I-Ching. And runes. Animal totems are good too.
It's cool when an I-Ching, Rune and animal totem reading all
tie-in together, even when each tool is used separately.
Yeah you know I have a book on the I-Ching but I was never able to get into it.

I did make my own rune set with my own symbols and meanings though, I just never use it.

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