Speaking in tongues...
(02-13-2019, 05:24 PM)MO Wrote:
I do not want... the drugs that they're on.

I do not want.

Alright listen...

That video is...

Agh, God. 

I just... 



But whatever, that's my opinion and it's whatever.

However, it DOES raise a topic that I had considered posting about the other day, but ended up deciding against it because it just sounded "too weird"...

And that's the topic of speaking in "tongues"...

I don't know what it is, or where it comes from, but I have done it a few times over the past couple years.

I mean... 

This shit feels NATURAL when it happens... and it usually happens under the context of being "pushed" to a place of need for defense. Not like SERIOUS defense, but some kind of emotional or intellectual defense.

That's been my experience with it.

And the "language" sounds REAL. 

For me, that shit ain't coming from fuckin' aliens or "light beings" or what the fuck ever the explanation they give in that video...

It's coming from myself, but it's not coming from my conscious mind, it can't be, because it makes no SENSE. Linguistically.

So it's basically like FEELINGS, translated into some type of foreign language sounds.

TBH, most of the times that I have done it have been "curses"... but not INTENTIONAL curses in the moment, just NATURAL reactions to situations wherein I enunciated some feelings that came about and afterwards I was like, "Damn, that was totally a curse." A warning. Warning off people and situations, etc.

I dunno y'all, it's some weird shit... and that video jogged my memory about it more so than being an 'example' of what I personally do. So I figured I should make this thread.
WTF, Kenny made a thread in January with this same title...



Dude WTF is with Kenny?

I was listening to a song from a Talking Heads album with the same title earlier today. I shit you not.
I totally believe you.

The topic has kept coming about in the Consciousness.

So that's why I knew I had to make this thread.

I've talked about this before...

I'll have the thought to make a thread, but then second guess myself and decide against it, and later the subject matter becomes relevant and I end up making the thread anyway.

I also have a special affinity with the Talking Heads.
Don't second guess yourself about starting a thread. That's what this place is for.

The majority of Bible verses that mention speaking in tongues are in First Corinthians. Paul generally advises that only one or two people speak in tongues at church, and then only if an interpreter is present. Otherwise keep quiet. He feared, justifiably, that if a stranger were to walk in and see the whole congregation babbling, he'd think they were insane.

He also said that when someone speaks in tongues, they're talking to God because nobody else can understand them.
(02-13-2019, 06:16 PM)Guest Wrote: He also said that when someone speaks in tongues, they're talking to God because nobody else can understand them.

That's really powerful to me... it goes along with what I've been hypothesizing about the purpose of this type of speaking.
A televangelist -- Benny Hinn, I think -- said "tongues" is the language of angels. I'm not sure I buy that one. How does he know everyone who speaks in tongues is speaking the same language? Paul wrote several times about people speaking in different tongues, which seems to imply there are more than one "tongues" language. The idea that it comes from the Unconscious makes more sense, and is in keeping with what Jung wrote about dreams, fairy tales, and other non-rational forms of expression being manifestations of the Unconscious.
It's absolutely subconscious.

I mean it definitely originates from the same place that all our other language comes from.

The languages of today are just sounds which we've all decided on 'set' meanings for.

It's all very interesting.

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