*** The Official Styxhexenhammer666 Discussion Thread and Garden Party ***

I mean TBH this is better than some of the other ones vocally.

Vocals mixing getting better...

Quality's improving.
He's still better than the retrowave singers who bring the intolerably gay 21st century 'pop' vocal quirks into their singing style.

That said, I dunno how to feel about it.

Refuses to sell out??


Snoop Dog sold out over 25 years ago when Styx was a preschooler.

Styx is a smart motherfucker and smart is what I like the most about any given person.
Edit: oops I again it did.
Yeah but see that detracts from the hotness that intelligence naturally bestows...

Those people are totally ruining their own lives and they don’t even realize it.

I like that he grows stuff.

Styx has impressive rep with the garden gods.

3:40 roflmaololololol.

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